Holocaust: A History

Holocaust: A History Author Debórah Dwork
ISBN-10 0393325245
ISBN-13 9780393325249
Year 2003-09-17
Pages 464
Language English
Publisher W. W. Norton & Company
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A magisterial dramatic account that reshapes the way we think and talk about the greatest crime in history Unrivaled in reach and scope Holocaust illuminates the long march of events from the Middle Ages to the modern era which led to this great atrocity It is a story of all Europe of Nazis and their allies the experience of wartime occupation the suffering and strategies of marked victims the failure of international rescue and the success of individual rescuers It alone in Holocaust literature negotiates the chasm between the two histories that of the perpetrators and of the victims and their families shining new light on German actions and Jewish reactions No other book in any language has so embraced this multifaceted story Holocaust uniquely makes use of oral histories recorded by the authors over fifteen years across Europe and the United States as well as never before analyzed archival documents letters and diaries it contains in addition seventy five illustrations and sixteen original maps each accompanied by an extended caption This book is an original analysis of a defining event 14 maps 75 illustrations

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