Addicted to Busy

Addicted to Busy Author Brady Boyd
ISBN-10 9780781411677
Release 2014-09-01
Pages 256
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We are all spread too thin, taking on more than we can handle, trying to do so much—almost as if we are afraid that if we were to take a moment of rest, we might discover that all our busyness is covering up an essential lack in our lives. But God never meant for us to be so busy. God desires for us to have rest and peace. Brady Boyd shows you how to live a life that embraces stillness and solitude, so you can find the peace that God wants for you.

Ready to Wed

Ready to Wed Author Greg Smalley
ISBN-10 9781624054167
Release 2015-04-16
Pages 304
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Rings. Dress. Cake. You’re engaged, and the checklist for the day of your dreams is a mile long. In the who, what, where, and how of planning, the why can be forgotten. Ready to Wed discusses 12 Traits of a thriving marriage and offers a variety of topics to guide and advise those preparing to say, “I do!” Learn to:Define a vision statement unique to your marriage.Positively engage conflict to build a foundation of trust and forgiveness.“Leave and cleave,” even if you are a child of divorce.Manage expectations—and your in-laws!Navigate hot-button issues including, sex and the chore wars.Cope with change, stress, and crisis—especially in your first year.Build a community of support and find mentors.Assess your progress using the Couple Checkup.Loaded with advice, tips, and instructions, this valuable resource is ideal for soon-to-be-newlyweds and those who support them!

Verletzlichkeit macht stark

Verletzlichkeit macht stark Author Brené Brown
ISBN-10 9783641106782
Release 2013-08-26
Pages 336
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Selbstliebe statt Perfektionismus In einer Welt, in der die Furcht zu versagen zur zweiten Natur geworden ist, erscheint Verletzlichkeit als gefährlich. Doch das Gegenteil ist der Fall: Die renommierte Psychologin Brené Brown zeigt, dass Verletzlichkeit der Ort ist, wo Liebe, Zugehörigkeit, Freude und Kreativität entstehen. Unter ihrer behutsamen Anleitung erforschen wir unsere Ängste und entwickeln eine machtvolle neue Vision, die uns ermutigt, Großes zu wagen.

Addicted to Profit Reclaiming Our Lives from the Free Market

Addicted to Profit  Reclaiming Our Lives from the Free Market Author Stuart Sim
ISBN-10 9780748670345
Release 2012-04-17
Pages 208
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Will our addiction to profit destroy the world we live in? The profit motive now exercises an effective tyranny over our lives: in the private as well as the public sector, nowhere seems immune from its reach. International tycoons, economists and politicians are obsessed with economic growth. Yet, as Stuart Sim shows, the pursuit of excessive profit brought the world to the brink of economic chaos in the recent credit crisis and threatens us with environmental disaster as well. Despite this, neoliberalism still sets the agenda for economic policy in the West. Sim suggests various 'act up' strategies so that we might resist becoming slaves to personal gain and, in doing so, he demonstrates that life needn't be all about profit.


Addicted Author Elle Kennedy
ISBN-10 9780349411958
Release 2016-06-28
Pages 368
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From the New York Times bestselling author of Claimed comes the second enticingly erotic novel set in a world on the brink of chaos. Lennox used to live in a paradise on earth with his best friend Jamie, in a place where visitors came and went, allowing their desires to run free. But everything changes when a deadly attack forces them to take up with Connor Mackenzie's band of Outlaws. Lennox knows Jamie is hung up on someone else, but he's always believed he's the man for her - and won't let her go without a fight. Even though Jamie is well aware that Lennox is one hot specimen of a man, she refuses to let sex ruin the most important relationship in her life. But when the object of her interest spurns her, she indulges in a little pleasure-filled revenge with her very magnetic, very willing best friend. One thrilling night with Lennox is enough to awaken Jamie's unexpected desires for him. And now that she's had a taste, she's not sure she can ever give him up... Praise for Elle Kennedy 'An adrenaline filled, exhilarating ride' Fresh Fiction 'Fans will be eager to see what Ms. Kennedy has in store for her mercenaries' Shannon K. Butcher, author of Edge of Betrayal 'Takes readers on a terrific emotional rollercoaster ride full of relentless action, heated sexual tension, and nail-biting plot twists . . . breathless passion will leave the reader begging for more' Publishers Weekly

Be Your Best a Roadmap to Living a Healthy Balanced and Fulfilling Life

Be Your Best  a Roadmap to Living a Healthy  Balanced and Fulfilling Life Author Jeff Thibodeau
ISBN-10 9781598582727
Release 2007-01
Pages 315
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Everyone wants to be their best at all times. You do. I do. We all do. But most of us don't always know how. If only there was a roadmap to help point the way. Well now there is one! Be Your Best-A Roadmap to Living a Healthy, Balanced and Fulfilling Life provides discussion, inspiration and practical guidance to help you become the best that you can be in every daily life experience, with particular attention given to the major issues that most people grapple with. It is the first book of its kind to offer 12 books within a book- chapters that can stand on their own but together comprise a truly comprehensive and comprehensible, practical and spiritual guide to being your best in life's most universally challenging situations. Be Your Best is useful as a quick reference when time is short and the need is specific and also as a more comprehensive guidebook for life. Be Your Best - A Roadmap to Living a Healthy, Balanced and Fulfilling Life, is based on the Author's study, experience, introspection and teaching related to spirituality, nature, creativity and healing. His passionate interest and experience in these disciplines led him to create Helios Cape Cod, LLC, a center for personal and planetary healing, which has two branches. Helios Natural Therapeutics offers services and classes in natural therapeutics, hands on healing therapies, and lifestyle counseling/coaching. Helios Land Design provides landscape design and planning services including sacred space design. Jeff earned a Master's Degree in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University, and Certification as a Natural Therapeutic Specialist, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Cranial-Sacral/Core Synchronism Therapist from the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics. He also earned a Black Belt and Instructor Certification in Kung Fu from the U.S.A. Kung Fu Academy, and is an accomplished singer-songwriter. He lives and works on Cape Cod. Please visit his website at for more information or to contact him about speaking engagements and consultations.


ADDICTED TO MIDNIGHT Author Chrystal Hollins
ISBN-10 9781491816561
Release 2014-05-12
Pages 146
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Lyla Johnson, also known as Lyla Star is an inspiring speaker, teacher, and leader. She is a woman of strong faith, confidence, and strength but lacks one thing: companionship. Being eager and in search of finding her perfect match, she falls into a world of betrayal, distrust, abuse, and feels there is no way out for her until she meets David, a devoted deacon. As she recovers slowly, she is still positioned in a place that both molds and shapes her; a place of forgiveness, reconciliation, and compassion. Will Lyla survive?

ber Coca

  ber Coca Author Sigmund Freud
ISBN-10 UCSF:31378008332192
Release 1885
Pages 26
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ber Coca has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from ber Coca also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full ber Coca book for free.

Die letzte Generation

Die letzte Generation Author Arthur C. Clarke
ISBN-10 3442230705
Release 1983
Pages 187
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Die letzte Generation has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Die letzte Generation also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Die letzte Generation book for free.

A Busy Woman s Guide to Prayer

A Busy Woman s Guide to Prayer Author Cheri Fuller
ISBN-10 9781418560690
Release 2005-09-29
Pages 224
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Readers will experience the power of having a vibrant life of prayer and relationship with God and discover the creative ideas to weave prayer into the fabric of their day.

Addicted to Stress

Addicted to Stress Author Debbie Mandel
ISBN-10 9780470485903
Release 2010-01-26
Pages 256
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A stress management expert explains the growing problem of stress addiction and offers a step-by-step program for alleviating it, demonstrating how women can overcome repetitive, destructive behaviors with a regimen of self-empowerment, exercise and self-care, healthy narcissism, diet, and renewed humor and sensuality.

Addicted God Lover

Addicted God Lover Author Victor Charles Okafor
ISBN-10 9781491879733
Release 2013-11-14
Pages 68
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Addicted God lover is a book written to rekindle and restore the passion and zeal for God’s Kingdom in the hearts of His people. Many people are addicted to so many things today: drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, women, fame, politics, terrorism, money, occultism, the list goes on. And the implication is that all these people depend on these bad habits for daily survival. Therefore, God’s people the ecclesia should be more addicted to the work of God, His Kingdom principles to make a lasting impact in this generation.

Addicted to Incarceration

Addicted to Incarceration Author Travis C. Pratt
ISBN-10 9781483343419
Release 2008-09-02
Pages 176
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In Addicted to Incarceration, author Travis Pratt uses an evidence-based approach to explore the consequences of what he terms America's "addiction to incarceration," highlighting the scope of the problem, the nature of the political discussions surrounding criminal justice policy in general and corrections policy in particular, and the social cost of incarceration. Pratt demonstrates that the United States' addiction to incarceration has been fueled by American citizens' opinions about crime and punishment, the effectiveness of incarceration as a means of social control, and perhaps most important, by policies legitimized by faulty information (e.g.,fear of crime is objectively linked to victimization, petty offenders mature into violent predators, and persistent offending can be accurately predicted over the life course). Analyzing crime policies as they relate to crime rates and U.S. society's ability to both lower the crime rate and address the role of incarceration in preventing future crime, the book shows students how ineffective our rush to incarcerate has been in the last decade, as well as offering recommendations and insights into the future of this problem. Features Real world examples that put a human face on the issues open each chapter Race, ethnicity, and gender issues underlie all discussions and address key aspects of incarceration rates and crime trends The social costs of incarceration are explored, including the heightened inmate risk of personal victimization, incarceration's effect as a barrier to successful offender reintegration into society, and its role in exacerbating existing racial inequalities The final chapter contains conclusions and recommendations for future policy makers Written in an informal and accessible style, Addicted to Incarceration is appropriate for criminal justice policy or corrections courses at the undergraduate level and can also be used as a supplementary text in introductory criminal justice, criminology, and critical issues in criminal justice courses.

Too Busy Not to Pray Study Guide

Too Busy Not to Pray Study Guide Author Bill Hybels
ISBN-10 9780310694946
Release 2013-05-08
Pages 96
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The urgent need for prayer in today’s broken world is clear, but busyness still keeps many of us from finding time to pray. So Bill Hybels offers us his practical, time-tested ideas on slowing down to pray. In this four-session video Bible study (DVD/digital video sold separately) based on Hybels’s classic book on prayer, Too Busy Not to Pray calls both young and old to make prayer a priority, broadening the vision for what our eternal, powerful God does when his people slow down to pray. In Too Busy Not to Pray, you and your small group will learn: The importance of a consistent time and place for prayer How to organize prayers according to tried-and-true frameworks How to hear the Spirit’s promptings To love prayer time Hybels helps you slow down, listen to God, and learn how to respond. As a result, you will grow closer to God and experience the benefits of spending time with him. Sessions include: Why Pray? (15:00) Our Part of the Deal (20:00) When Prayer Feels Hard (19:00) People of Prayer (20:00) Designed for use with the Too Busy Not to Pray Video Study (sold separately).

The Busy Woman s Little Book of Motivation

The Busy Woman s Little Book of Motivation Author Cassandra Mack
ISBN-10 9780595497805
Release 2008-03
Pages 96
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The Busy Woman's Little Book of Motivation is a collection of insightful lessons and anecdotes that will help you own your power, keep the cup full enough to feed yourself, get in the driver's seat of your career, let go of the ledge, break the habit of self-sabotage and take steps toward healthier relationships. In the power-packed, little book you'll learn how to give yourself the best of what you've got and live life by your design. If truth is what you seek and balance is what you need, this is where you'll find it; right here in Cassandra Mack's The Busy Woman's Little Book of Motivation. Intensely and intentionally Cassandra speaks to the heart, mind, body, and soul of the woman who's too busy to know that she's too busy. Slow down long enough to sit down with this powerful book and you will be a better woman for it. Mischa P. Green author of 30 Things He Told Me But Can't Tell You Because You Won't Listen I have read many books that advise women on empowerment, but Cassandra Mack's book shows you exactly how to own, respect, and have confidence in your power as a woman, daughter, mother, sister and friend, refusing to allow others to dismiss or diminish you. Miranda J. Carr, author of Dysfunction and Heartache If you are trying to reach your goals, create more balance, build your career, let go of the habits that do not serve you well and make healthier relationship choices all at the same time, The Busy Woman's Little Book of Motivation is the guide you need to get there. You'll learn to become more empowered in a tangible way and open yourself up to all of the wonderful possibilities that await you. Kisha Robinson, Co-CEO, OneDa Twinz Finally, a fresh look at what women can do to take charge and re-charge. Cassandra deals with the underlying reasons why so many strong women struggle and offers heart-felt advice on how to live more authentically. Jacqueline Rose, PhD, Corporate Coach and Consultant

People Who Are Addicted To Sex

People Who Are Addicted To Sex Author Joanne Brodie
ISBN-10 9780143530978
Release 2014-06-02
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Excessive engagement in prostitution, pornography, phone and chat room sex, exhibitionism, voyeurism and compulsive masturbation - such behaviours may point to sexual addiction. In this book, Joanne Brodie pulls away the blankets to uncover the hidden reality of a condition that has become prevalent in our increasingly sexualised society. The author's frank observations and shrewd insights are based on compelling case studies and years of experience as a counsellor for the afflicted, as well as her own struggle with sex addiction. In her wry tone, and with quirky humour, she deflates several myths surrounding sexual addiction, identifies behavioural patterns associated with it and, ultimately, advises on the steps to healing.

You re Addicted to You

You re Addicted to You Author Noah Blumenthal
ISBN-10 9781442958241
Release 2009-01-21
Pages 308
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You re Addicted to You has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from You re Addicted to You also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full You re Addicted to You book for free.