The Living of Charlotte Perkins Gilman

The Living of Charlotte Perkins Gilman Author Charlotte Perkins Gilman
ISBN-10 0299127443
Release 1935
Pages 341
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The early twentieth-century writer, feminist, and social reformer recounts her upbringing, development, and career

Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Charlotte Perkins Gilman Author Cynthia Davis
ISBN-10 9780804738897
Release 2010-03-02
Pages 537
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A biography of Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1860-1935): Beecher-descendent, zealous reformer, exhilarating lecturer, prolific writer, scandalous divorcee, "unnatural mother," international celebrity, and life-long controversialist.

The Charlotte Perkins Gilman Reader

The Charlotte Perkins Gilman Reader Author Charlotte Perkins Gilman
ISBN-10 0813918766
Release 1999
Pages 208
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THE CHARLOTTE PERKINS GILMAN READER is an anthology of fiction by one of America's most important feminist writers. Probably best known as the author of "The Yellow Wallpaper," in which a woman is driven mad by chauvinist psychiatry, Gilman wrote numerous other short stories and novels reflecting her radical socialist and feminist view of turn-of-the-century America. Collected here by noted Gilman scholar Ann J. Lane are eighteen stories and fragments, including a selection from Herland, Gilman's feminist Utopia. The resulting anthology provides a provocative blueprint to Gilman's intellectual and creative production.

Herland and Related Writings

Herland and Related Writings Author Charlotte Perkins Gilman
ISBN-10 9781770483606
Release 2012-11-08
Pages 275
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Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s provocative utopian novel Herland, first published in 1915, tells its story through the observations of three male explorers who discover a land inhabited solely by women; the women reproduce through parthenogenesis (asexual reproduction). Initially skeptical, the explorers come to realize that Herland has evolved into an ideal, cooperative, matriarchal society—fertile, peaceful, and clean—by selectively reproducing the women’s best attributes. As the explorers study Herland culture, they also rethink their own. This edition reproduces the text originally published in The Forerunner in 1915, including several passages omitted from other editions. Stories, poetry, and nonfiction writing by Gilman on topics such as birth control, capital punishment, and eugenics provide a rich context for the novel. Materials originally published alongside Herland in 1915, many of which have never before been republished, are also included, as is an excerpt from the sequel, With Her in Ourland.

Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Charlotte Perkins Gilman Author Jill Rudd
ISBN-10 9781587293108
Release 1999-04-01
Pages 330
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“These essays exemplify all the virtues of interdisciplinarity in consideration of that most multidisciplined of writers, Charlotte Perkins Gilman. The contributors simultaneously clarify and complicate our understanding of some of the more vexed areas of Gilman's work by engaging saliently with her theories of ethnicity, class, prostitution, and the dynamics of gender; posing difficult questions to contemporary feminist scholars; and providing sensitive and insightful guidance to a well-chosen and wide range of texts.”—Janet Beer, author of Kate Chopin, Edith Wharton and Charlotte Perkins Gilman: Studies in Short Fiction

The Yellow Wallpaper Webster s German Thesaurus Edition

The Yellow Wallpaper  Webster s German Thesaurus Edition Author Charlotte Perkins Gilman
ISBN-10 0546406580
Release 2009-01-02
Pages 31
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Webster's edition of this classic is organized to expose the reader to a maximum number of difficult and potentially ambiguous English words. Rare or idiosyncratic words and expressions are given lower priority compared to "difficult, yet commonly used" words. Rather than supply a single translation, many words are translated for a variety of meanings in German, allowing readers to better grasp the ambiguity of English, and avoid using the notes as a pure translation crutch. Having the reader decipher a word's meaning within context serves to improve vocabulary retention and understanding. Each page covers words not already highlighted on previous pages. If a difficult word is not translated on a page, chances are that it has been translated on a previous page.

Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Charlotte Perkins Gilman Author Carol Farley Kessler
ISBN-10 0815626444
Release 1995
Pages 316
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A fresh reading of Gilman's fiction and a biographical exploration of her life yield a vision of how the feminist author developed her capacity to imagine a full-blown utopia for women. Much of Gilman's writing represents her effort to portray in fiction solutions that she had recommended in her 1898 treatise "Women and Economics." Includes 14 reprinted selections from Gilman's utopian writings. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Charlotte Perkins Gilman Author Charlotte Perkins Gilman
ISBN-10 1517721385
Release 2015-10-08
Pages 152
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EXCEPTIONAL EDITION Immerse in enthralling stories in a beautifully presented edition. Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1860-1935) was a prominent American feminist, sociologist, novelist, writer of short stories and poetry. She was a utopian feminist during a time when her accomplishments were exceptional for women, and she served as a role model for future generations of feminists. The Yellow Wallpaper is a masterpiece first published in 1892. It is a semi-autobiographical short story which Charlotte Perkins Gilman wrote after a severe bout of postpartum psychosis. The story is a collection of journal entries written by a woman whose physician husband John has rented an old mansion for the summer. The story depicts the descent of the narrator into psychosis. With nothing to stimulate her, she becomes obsessed by the pattern and color of the wallpaper. Herland is a brilliant utopian novel first published in 1915. An all-female society is discovered somewhere in the distant reaches of the earth by three male explorers who are forced to re-examine their assumptions about women's roles in society. It definitely is Charlotte Perkins Gilman's most famous novel.

The Home

The Home Author Charlotte Perkins Gilman
ISBN-10 9786155564925
Release 2015-04-08
Pages 225
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In offering this study to a public accustomed only to the unquestioning acceptance of the home as something perfect, holy, quite above discussion, a word of explanation is needed. First, let it be clearly and definitely stated, the purpose of this book is to maintain and improve the home. Criticism there is, deep and thorough; but not with the intention of robbing us of one essential element of home life—rather of saving us from conditions not only unessential, but gravely detrimental to home life. Every human being should have a home; the single person his or her home; and the family their home. The home should offer to the individual rest, peace, quiet, comfort, health, and that degree of personal expression requisite; and these conditions should be maintained by the best methods of the time. The home should be to the child a place of happiness and true development; to the adult a place of happiness and that beautiful reinforcement of the spirit needed by the world's workers. We are here to perform our best service to society, and to find our best individual growth and expression; a right home is essential to both these uses. The place of childhood's glowing memories, of youth's ideals, of the calm satisfaction of mature life, of peaceful shelter for the aged; this is not attacked, this we shall not lose, but gain more universally. What is here asserted is that our real home life is clogged and injured by a number of conditions which are not necessary, which are directly inimical to the home; and that we shall do well to lay these aside. As to the element of sanctity—that which is really sacred can bear examination, no darkened room is needed for real miracles; mystery and shadow belong to jugglers, not to the truth. The home is a human institution. All human institutions are open to improvement. This specially dear and ancient one, however, we have successfully kept shut, and so it has not improved as have some others.

Human Work

Human Work Author Charlotte Perkins Gilman
ISBN-10 0759109052
Release 1904
Pages 389
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Human Work represents the first ground breaking analysis by noted feminist Charlotte Perkins Gilman on the equal importance of work in the lives of men and women. Gilman asserts that men created an economic dependence that has prevented women from success in the workplace. Introduced by noted scholars Michael Kimmel and Mary Moynihan, this is necessary reading for anyone interested in power and gender structures in the workplace.


Herland         Author Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Release 2011-10-15
Pages 14
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This early work by Charlotte Perkins Gilman was originally published in 1915. First appearing as a serial in the magazine Forerunner, this novel tells the story of a society composed entirely of women and their utopian existence. This is a fascinating work and is thoroughly recommended for anyone with an interest in feminist literature. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions.


Unpunished Author Charlotte Perkins Gilman
ISBN-10 1558611851
Release 1997
Pages 244
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Possibly the world's first feminist mystery--by the author of the best-selling The Yellow Wallpaper.

A Very Different Story

A Very Different Story Author Val Gough
ISBN-10 0853235910
Release 1998
Pages 188
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Almost all Gilman’s work asserts optimistically the possibility for utopian change, yet ironically she is probably most widely celebrated for her darkly tragic story The Yellow Wallpaper. The focus of this essay collection is Gilman’s utopianism. Her best-known and critically addressed novel is Herland, and several contributors revisit it in order to deepen our understanding of the complexity of Gilman’s utopian vision. The lesser-known Moving the Mountain – deserving of more attention than it has received – is the subject of a full essay, and other essays explore utopian ideas in Gilman’s short stories.

Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Charlotte Perkins Gilman Author Denise D. Knight
ISBN-10 UCSC:32106013795361
Release 1997
Pages 234
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This is the only series to provide in-depth critical introductions to major modern and contemporary short story writers worldwide.Each volume offers: -- A comprehensive overview of the artist's short fiction -- including detailed analyses of every significant story-- Interviews, essays, memoirs and other biographical materials -- often previously unpublished-- A representative selection of critical responses-- A comprehensive primary bibliography, a selected bibliography of important criticism, a chronology of the artist's life and works and an index

What Diantha Did

What Diantha Did Author Charlotte Perkins Gilman
ISBN-10 9781775450214
Release 2010-11-01
Pages 207
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Early feminist author Charlotte Perkins Gilman was a pioneer not only in the realm of women's fiction, but also in a remarkable array of other ventures, including publishing, journalism, sociological research, and social reform advocacy. Like many of her works, including the gripping and oft-anthologized tale "The Yellow Wallpaper," the novel What Diantha Did deals with the challenges facing women in nineteenth-century society. In this novel, the protagonist solves the conflict between women's household duties and the financial imperative to work outside the home by opening a somewhat unusual boarding house.

The Man Made World

The Man Made World Author Charlotte Perkins Gilman
ISBN-10 9781602061019
Release 2007-03-01
Pages 132
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Here is a cry for feminist revolution. In this work, Charlotte Perkins Gilman details how male-dominated culture has, through the very social devices that keep it in place, conspired to produce greater human suffering than is truly necessary. In this landmark work she explains how economic status, mobility, and autonomy are at the root of the subjugation of women worldwide. For anyone wanting to understand the feminist movement, how far it has come, and how much of its ambition is yet unfulfilled, The Man-Made World is a fascinating work of philosophy and biting social commentary. American writer and social reformer CHARLOTTE PERKINS GILMAN (1860-1935) was a pioneer of modern feminism. She is best remembered for her short story "The Yellow Wallpaper" (1890).

The Yellow Wall paper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

 The Yellow Wall paper  by Charlotte Perkins Gilman Author Charlotte Perkins Gilman
ISBN-10 9780821416532
Release 2006
Pages 120
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A critical edition of Gilman's turn-of-the-century feminist novel presents both manuscript and magazine versions, critically edited, and printed in parallel.