Clinical Case Studies for the Family Nurse Practitioner

Clinical Case Studies for the Family Nurse Practitioner Author Leslie Neal-Boylan
ISBN-10 9781118277850
Release 2011-11-28
Pages 432
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Clinical Case Studies for the Family Nurse Practitioner is a key resource for advanced practice nurses and graduate students seeking to test their skills in assessing, diagnosing, and managing cases in family and primary care. Composed of more than 70 cases ranging from common to unique, the book compiles years of experience from experts in the field. It is organized chronologically, presenting cases from neonatal to geriatric care in a standard approach built on the SOAP format. This includes differential diagnosis and a series of critical thinking questions ideal for self-assessment or classroom use.

Clinical Case Studies for the Family Nurse Practitioner

Clinical Case Studies for the Family Nurse Practitioner Author Leslie Neal-Boylan
ISBN-10 9781118277669
Release 2011-11-22
Pages 432
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Clinical Case Studies for the Family Nurse Practitioner has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Clinical Case Studies for the Family Nurse Practitioner also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Clinical Case Studies for the Family Nurse Practitioner book for free.

Clinical Case Studies in Home Health Care

Clinical Case Studies in Home Health Care Author Leslie Neal-Boylan
ISBN-10 9781118278161
Release 2011-11-22
Pages 504
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Home health care is an important aspect of community health and a growing area of healthcare services. Clinical Case Studies in Home Health Care uses a case-based approach to provide home healthcare professionals, educators, and students with a useful tool for thoughtful, holistic care. The book begins with a thorough and accessible introduction to the principles of home health care, including a discussion of supporting theoretical frameworks and information on managing complexities, transitioning patients to home care, and preparation for the home visit. Subsequent sections are comprised entirely of case studies organized by body system. Though cases are diverse in content, each is presented in a consistent manner, incorporating relevant data about the patient and caregivers and the approach to patient care and promoting a logical approach to patient presentation. Cases also include helpful tips about reimbursement practices, cultural competence, community resources, and rehabilitation needs.

Primary Care Case Studies for Nurse Practitioners

Primary Care Case Studies for Nurse Practitioners Author Lydia Burke
ISBN-10 9781907830235
Release 2008
Pages 97
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Practice nurses and nurse practitioners working alongside general practitioners are required to see and treat patients with a variety of minor and complex conditions. They therefore need skills in history-taking, physical assessment, diagnosing, prescribing and managing long-term conditions. It is assumed that nurses who read this book will have experience in managing the care of babies, children, well young people, people for whom English is not their first language, people with mental health problems and older people with multiple health problems. These case studies are loosely based on interactions that the author has had with patients in Primary Care.

Writing DNP Clinical Case Narratives

Writing DNP Clinical Case Narratives Author Janice Smolowitz, EdD, DNP
ISBN-10 0826105319
Release 2010-05-20
Pages 624
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This portfolio presents intimate case study narratives, providing an in-depth account of DNP best practices for clinical practice. The book covers important topics such as the development of DNP clinical competencies, performance objectives, utilizing evidence-based practice, a DNP approach to adolescent care, caring for the chronically ill, mental health care, adult health care, and many more. The main purpose of this book is to provide DNP faculty and students with a reliable and detailed guide to use when implementing a format to document care provided. The case narratives presented in this book differ from the traditional case study format: students delineate all aspects of the decision-making process, identify the evidence that supports the decision, discuss the robustness of the evidence, analyze the effectiveness of the clinical decision, and critically reflect on the overall case. This detailed format captures the complexity and details of clinical practice. Key Features: Incorporates descriptive narratives that help readers understand the complex cognitive processes employed during the provision of care Presents information based on actual patient encounters that include the reasons for selecting the case, assessment, care provided, and outcomes Provides evidence for all decisions made in the portfolio, which is "leveled" according to the Oxford Centre for Evidence Based Medicine Concludes each case narrative with the DNP student's own reflection and analysis of how successfully each competency was fulfilled

A Day in the Office Case Studies in Primary Care

A Day in the Office  Case Studies in Primary Care Author Jeffrey A. Eaton
ISBN-10 0815115598
Release 1998
Pages 346
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To address the needs of advanced practice nursing programs that have been increasingly moving in the direction of problem-based learning, CASE STUDIES IN PRIMARY CARE provides students and instructors with "real-world" scenarios from which to teach and learn. Problem-based learning closely portrays the real world of health care and teaches students to carefully analyze various situations in order to deliver the most effective health care. This book includes 44 case studies on the most commonly encountered situations in primary care. The case studies are presented as those that might occur during a "normal day in the office." The case studies cover all age groups as well as various cultures. Each of the case studies is presented with an introductory scenario, which varies in detail from case to case, just as one would find in the clinical setting. Then the reader is presented with some points to consider requiring critical thinking and analysis of the data. After the student has considered his or her plan of action (or after class discussion of the case), he is able to review a thorough feedback analysis for each case study. The feedback sections illustrate the critical thinking processes related to differential diagnosis, treatment options, and all other aspects related to the delivery of primary care. * Covers "real-world" scenarios to give students the opportunity to analyze situations likely to be encountered in clinical settings. * Emphasizes problem-based learning to encourage students to think critically and analyze situations thoroughly in order to provide appropriate health care. * Includes case studies for all age groups and cultures to provide a variety of possible situations for the student to "encounter" before entering the health care arena. * Presents cases in a format that shows student how a typical day might ensue.

Case Studies in Psychiatric Nursing

Case Studies in Psychiatric Nursing Author Betty Kehl Richardson
ISBN-10 1401838456
Release 2007
Pages 176
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This unique resource contains 40 psychiatric nursing case studies and questions, based on real-life client situations. Organized by difficulty level, the cases in this book and questions about each case history help to keep the focus on the client and the nursing process. Questions and answers are designed to address the need for empathy, attitude adjustment, opened-mindedness, trust building, maintaining confidentiality, limit setting, delegating appropriately, collaborating with other professionals and making decisions. Each scenario is practical and realistic. Critical problems arising in psychiatric nursing are addressed throughout the book, including those both common and rare. The user has an opportunity to decide appropriate nursing action if encountering each of the problems presented, to reflect on whether the nursing staff in the scenario made the best decision, and to provide a rationale for his or her answer. The user can then consult the suggested answer/rationale for remediation, and find what a reasonable and prudent psychiatric nurse would do in that particular situation. Legal and ethical concerns are addressed throughout the cases, which simulate concerns arising in similar real-life situations that nurses find while practicing. Clients with psychiatric problems are encountered in a variety of settings -such as medical or community- so nurses not specializing in psychiatric nursing are represented in some of the cases.

Clinical Decision Making

Clinical Decision Making Author Denise L. Robinson
ISBN-10 0781729947
Release 2002
Pages 440
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This essential text presents and explains every aspect of clinical decision making, providing a sound base of knowledge for confidence and accuracy. Its format incorporates principles of problem-based learning methods that are used in many nursing programs. The revised Second Edition contains 20 new case studies of the most common diseases and disorders encountered in family practice; each includes a review of all the information necessary for developing a plan of care and emphasizes differential diagnosis and clinical reasoning for the nurse practitioner. The text's problem-oriented format promotes and strengthens critical thinking skills. Additional features include: tutorials; holistic health considerations; case accuracy; laboratory tests that require learners to interpret tests and their impact on a patient's condition; interdisciplinary collaboration; decision trees that are applicable to each case; research-based outcomes; complementary therapies; and much more. A Brandon-Hill Recommended Title.

SOAP for Family Medicine

SOAP for Family Medicine Author Daniel C. Maldonado (M.D.)
ISBN-10 1405104376
Release 2005
Pages 199
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SOAP for Family Medicine features 90 clinical problems with each case presented in an easy to read 2-page layout. Each step presents information on how that case would likely be handled. Questions under each category teach the students important steps in clinical care. Blackwell's new SOAP series is a unique resource that also provides a step-by-step guide to learning how to properly document patient care. Covering the problems most commonly encountered on the wards, the text uses the familiar "SOAP" note format to record important clinical information and guide patient care. SOAP format puts the emphasis back on the patient's clinical problem not the diagnosis. This series is a practical learning tool for proper clinical care, improving communication between physicians, and accurate documentation. The books not only teach students what to do, but also help them understand why. Students will find these books a "must have" to keep in their white coat pockets for wards and clinics.

Case Studies in Primary Care

Case Studies in Primary Care Author Joyce D. Cappiello
ISBN-10 9780323378185
Release 2016-10-16
Pages 217
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Real-world scenarios help you develop clinical reasoning skills for primary care! Case Studies in Primary Care: A Day in the Office, 2nd Edition includes 50 case studies on the most commonly encountered situations in primary care. Demonstrating the kinds of health problems that a Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant might see during a typical clinical day, case studies cover patients from various cultures and all ages. You’re asked to analyze data and think critically in reaching accurate diagnoses and planning effective treatment; you can then submit your responses online for grading and instant feedback. Real-world scenarios offer the opportunity to analyze clinical situations likely to be encountered in today's primary care settings, providing practice in clinical reasoning skills. Day in the Office format presents cases hour by hour, in the way a typical clinical day might unfold. Emphasis on problem-based learning helps you to think critically and analyze clinical situations — such as ear infections, diarrhea, and coughing and fever — in order to provide appropriate primary care. Six NEW cases are included (for a total of 50), with three focusing on older clients with more complex health challenges, one addressing unplanned pregnancy, and two addressing practice management issues. NEW! Emphasis on follow-up care addresses patients coming to the primary care setting from retail clinics, rehabilitation settings, or acute-care settings, and underscores the importance of interprofessional collaboration. NEW! Enhanced patient diversity includes cases for all age groups, and reflects a more contemporary appreciation of cultural diversity and gender/gender identity. NEW! Updates to all cases ensure that case studies and feedback are consistent with the latest research evidence, clinical practice guidelines, and national and international treatment standards. NEW! Online answer submission allows you to write Assessment and Plan answers in the printed book, then submit answers online for grading and feedback. NEW! Grading rubrics are provided on the companion Evolve website to help you develop your answers. NEW! Introduction explains how to get the most out of the book.

Women s Health Case Studies

Women s Health Case Studies Author Rebecca K. Donohue
ISBN-10 UCLA:L0074753138
Release 1999
Pages 135
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Designed to help nurse practitioners prepare for the women's health certification exam, this text uses a case approach to mimic the actual exam. This review book offers twice as many questions as encountered on the actual exam and includes answers with rationales which explain correct answers. An accompanying computer disk also provides cases and questions. Nurse practitioners.

Vital Signs for Nurses

Vital Signs for Nurses Author Joyce Smith
ISBN-10 9781444341874
Release 2011-05-03
Pages 280
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Accurate clinical observations are the key to good patient care and fundamental to nursing practice. Vital Signs for Nurses will support anyone in care delivery to enhance their skills, reflect upon their own practice and assist in their continuing professional development. This practical introductory text explores how to make assessments of heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, pain and nutrition. It also looks at issues of infection control, record-keeping and legal and ethical considerations. With case studies and examples throughout, this text will be invaluable to all healthcare assistants, student nurses, Trainee Assistant Practitioners and students on foundation degrees.


ISBN-10 9780071849531
Release 2015-11-22
Pages 381
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The ultimate, case-based guide for learning and teaching the art of diagnostic reasoning for acute and critical care nurse practitioners Written by experienced nurse practitioners working in acute and critical care settings,and endorsed by the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN), Acute & Critical Care Nurse Practitioner:Cases in Diagnostic Reasoning presents a wide range of acute and critical care patient cases focusing on diagnosis and management. This authoritative book is designed to help nurse practitioners and students learn how to proceed from a broad differential diagnosis to a specific management plan through expert analysis of patient data. While reconstructing the course of real-life clinical cases, the authors “think out loud” and reveal how they identify pertinent positives and significant negatives to support or refute items on their differential diagnoses list, and further incorporate laboratory and diagnostic testing results to establish a medical diagnosis. Each case includes a description of the management for the identified diagnosis. INCLUDES: · 71 cases based on real-life clinical scenarios · Analysis questions and case discussions to enable learners to actively participate ininductive and deductive reasoning · Cases that can be used to support course work, certification review, and job training The first of its kind, Acute & Critical Care Nurse Practitioner: Cases in Diagnostic Reasoning is an essential learning and teaching resource for students, clinicians, and clinical faculty to master the art of diagnostic reasoning.

Differential Diagnosis for the Advanced Practice Nurse

Differential Diagnosis for the Advanced Practice Nurse Author Marilee Murphy Jensen, MN, ARNP
ISBN-10 9780826110282
Release 2014-07-17
Pages 338
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"Developing a comprehensive differential diagnosis for a specific complaint is a daunting task even for experienced advanced practice nurses. This user-friendly clinical guide provides a strategy or standard format for working through this complex task. It is a wonderful tool for both student and new advanced practice nurses... 5 stars." -- Kathleen M. Woodruff, DNP, Doody's Book Reviews Establishing a differential diagnosis can be challenging even for expert advanced practice nurses (APRNs), let alone students. This easy-access clinical guide to commonly seen symptoms, written for APRN students and new practitioners, describes step by step how to obtain a reliable patient history and choose the appropriate directed physical exam for the presenting problem, followed by how to use this patient history and physical exam findings to form a differential diagnosis. Unfolding case scenarios provided for each symptom further demonstrate a sound process for formulating a differential diagnosis that the APRN can use throughout clinical practice. The book features 38 of the most commonly presented symptoms, each of which includes exam findings and differential diagnosis. It describes diagnostic tests with a guide to when they should be ordered (or delayed) based on clinical findings, and common management plans for diagnostic testing. It discusses the correct approach to diagnostic reasoning including determining the focused assessment, choosing the appropriate assessment tests or lab tests, and critically thinking through the assessment and diagnostic data to arrive at an appropriate diagnosis. A unique feature of the guide is its provision of a Case Study History (presenting directed questions and patient responses), Physical Exam Findings, a Differential Diagnosis Table (clearly comparing potential diagnostic choices based on symptoms), a Diagnostic Examination Table (including estimated costs and codes), and a Case Study Summary, to further clarify strategies for arriving at the correct diagnosis. Key Features: Helps students and novice nurses obtain directed problem-focused history and examination for common patient symptoms Demonstrates a step-by-step approach to building clinical decision-making skills Offers quick access to common differential diagnoses, requisite diagnostic tests, and clinical decision making Uses unfolding case scenarios for each symptom to illustrate the clinical decision-making, diagnostic process Includes unique tables that help to clarify strategies for diagnostic decision making

Primary Well Being Case Studies for the Growing Child

Primary Well Being  Case Studies for the Growing Child Author Deborah Kramer
ISBN-10 9783319567082
Release 2017-06-16
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This book offers solutions on how to enhance the normal development of the well child. The primary care provider is the only healthcare professional to see every child (0-18) and their parent, and can assess the child’s health and advise parents on how to provide a healthy environment and important practices to nurture healthy children. The book provides realistic scenarios encountered by new nurse practitioners in their clinical training, with strong emphasis on the well child. It is structured in a question and answer framework to help practitioners critically think through the best practices to be implemented during the well child visit and develop a plan of action for the family. Each case study describes, with sensitivity, families from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds. The book promotes the role of professional as advocate by making recommendations for broad social policies to help all children succeed.These case studies provide realistic well child visits that allow nurse practitioners to develop their critical thinking skills. They will find in this book assessment criteria, assessment tools, common developmental and behavioral issues within the age group, and the latest evidenced-based diagnostic criteria, as well as some information on complementary medicine. Nurse practitioners will benefit from this guide for their teaching activity and clinical practice. The book incorporates complementary medicine, professional advocacy, specific development enhancement skills, parent/provider communication strategies, and extensive handouts for parents.

Gerontology Nursing Case Studies

Gerontology Nursing Case Studies Author Donna J. Bowles, MSN, EdD, RN, CNE
ISBN-10 0826108342
Release 2011-02-24
Pages 244
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Designated a Doody's Core Title! "This is an excellent teaching guide and resource manual for instructors, gerontological nursing students, and practicing nurses and social workers who wish to learn more about geriatric concerns and care. It will be kept by nursing students long after they graduate as a guide to resources that will be valuable throughout their nursing careers. As a home care nurse working mainly with the geriatric community, I found the resources helpful in my practice. As an instructor, I found the book to be a very useful guide for teaching geriatrics." Score: 90, 4 Stars. -Doody's Medical Reviews "Donna Bowles's Gerontology Nursing Case Studies is a unique volume that effectively addresses the lack of gerontology case studies for use with undergraduate nursing students. Case studies are a pedagogically powerful approach to active learning that offer opportunities to apply content to clinical practice."--The Gerontologist "The case narrative approach of this book promotes active learning that is more meaningful to students (and practicing nurses) and more likely to increase the transfer of evidence into practice. An excellent resource for faculty (staff educators) to facilitate critical learning skills." Liz Capezuti, PhD, RN, FAAN Dr. John W. Rowe Professor in Successful Aging Co-Director, Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing New York University College of Nursing "This is a terrific text that provides nurses and other health care providers [with] good basic information about clinical problems and challenges we face in providing care to older adults. It should be considered required reading in all undergraduate programs." --From the foreword by Barbara Resnick, PhD, CRNP, FAAN, FAANP Professor, University of Maryland School of Nursing Sonya Ziporkin Gershowitz Chair in Gerontology At the heart of this unique volume are 100 case studies of older adults that address nearly every issue-physical, mental, and psychosocial-that may confront health care providers who work with the aging population. These case studies, culled from contributors with several centuries' worth of combined nursing expertise, are designed to guide nursing students in the development of interventions that encompass both complementary and alternative health strategies. Exercises interspersed throughout each case study are designed to foster critical thinking and decision-making skills. These case narratives provide a holistic approach to problem solving in regard to political, ethical, and legal issues; loss and end-of-life issues; elder abuse; depression, addiction and suicide; self-esteem and family relationships; sexuality; age-related health issues; cognitive impairment; cultural diversity as it relates to aging; pain management; and sleep disturbances. The volume also addresses such contemporary psychosocial issues as gambling addiction, hoarding behavior, emergency preparedness, the aging driver, and long-distance caregiving. Key Features: Provides 100 evidence-based case studies Cultivates development of critical thinking and decision-making skills Features realistic, contemporary scenarios Designed for use across the gerontology nursing curriculum Geared for AACN and NLN Accreditation Organized according to the needs of actual clinical settings

Voice Therapy

Voice Therapy Author Joseph C. Stemple
ISBN-10 9781597566582
Release 2014-05-16
Pages 560
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Voice Therapy has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Voice Therapy also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Voice Therapy book for free.