Flipping Houses For Dummies

Flipping Houses For Dummies Author Ralph R. Roberts
ISBN-10 9781118051344
Release 2011-03-01
Pages 384
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This guide provides an overview of the many components of the popular practice of flipping properties. Coverage spans the flipping process from start to finish—finding, buying, fixing up, and selling—and the variables needed to make all of those steps successful and profitable. Also included is coverage on negotiating, property inspections, mortgages, taxes, and working with contractors, brokers, and real estate agents. The book is perfect for responsible investors who want to flip houses the right way and steer clear of legal gray areas that get some investors into trouble.

Second Homes For Dummies

Second Homes For Dummies Author Bridget McCrea
ISBN-10 111806819X
Release 2011-05-04
Pages 384
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Thinking about owning a second home? Whether you want a relaxing getaway spot, a future retirement home, or just a place to rent out for profit, having a second home has always been a good investment. But how will you know where to look, how to invest, and what you need to avoid? Second Homes For Dummies gives you the tools you need to handle the entire second-home buying process from concept to completion! This book covers the bases and the basics of buying a second home, presenting all information in a logical and modular format so you can find just what you need on the subjects that interest you. You’ll find out everything you need to know to: Determine whether or not a second home is right for you Maximize your options for a second home Search for a home and find the money to pay for it Rent out your home for profit Renovate and maintain it to ensure its growing value Make your second home your primary home Look for and purchase a home in another country Also provided are a list of the best places in the world to buy a home, ways to improve your home and make it first rate, and rules that you should talk about with your guests. With Second Homes For Dummies, you can make your dream of having a second home come true!

Smart Homes For Dummies

Smart Homes For Dummies Author Danny Briere
ISBN-10 9781118051740
Release 2011-02-09
Pages 432
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Do you long to listen to your favorite CD from anywhere in your house? To set up a wireless network so you can access the Internet in any room? To install an iron-clad security system? To fire up the coffee pot while you’re still asleep and wake up with automated lighting? Smart home technology can help you do just that! Smart Homes For Dummies, Third Edition, shows you how easy it can be to create and live in a cutting-edge, fully connected home—without breaking your bank account. With this user-friendly guide, you’ll discover all the latest trends and gadgets in home networking, automation, and control that will help you make life more enjoyable and comfortable for your entire family. We help you plan for things such as flat-screen TVs, intercom systems, whole-home audio systems, gaming consoles, and satellite systems. We talk about your wiring (and wireless) options and introduce you to the latest technologies, such as VoIP and Bluetooth. You’ll see how to: Build your home network on a budget Turn your home into an entertainment center Access the Internet from any room Get VoIP on your phone network Boost in-home wireless and cell phone signals Connect your computer to your TV Secure your home and property Increase your home’s resale value Avoid common networking pitfalls And much, much more Complete with a resource list for more information and neat toys of the future, Smart Homes For Dummies is your plain-English, twenty-first century guide to a fully wired home!

Lifestyle TV

Lifestyle TV Author Laurie Ouellette
ISBN-10 9781317665526
Release 2016-01-29
Pages 194
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From HGTV and the Food Network to Keeping Up With the Kardashians, television is preoccupied with the pursuit and exhibition of lifestyle. Lifestyle TV analyzes a burgeoning array of lifestyle formats on network and cable channels, from how-to and advice programs to hybrid reality entertainment built around the cultivation of the self as project, the ethics of everyday life, the mediation of style and taste, the regulation of health and the body, and the performance of identity and "difference." Ouellette situates these formats historically, arguing that the lifestyling of television ultimately signals more than the television industry's turn to cost-cutting formats, niche markets, and specialized demographics. Rather, Ouellette argues that the surge of reality programming devoted to the achievement and display of lifestyle practices and choices must also be situated within broader socio-historical changes in capitalist democracies.

Flipping For Beginners

Flipping For Beginners Author
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Flipping For Beginners has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Flipping For Beginners also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Flipping For Beginners book for free.

Idiot s Guides Flipping Houses

Idiot s Guides  Flipping Houses Author Tim W. Lenihan
ISBN-10 9781465464354
Release 2017-02-14
Pages 336
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Plenty of books exist about fixing houses that try to make readers believe that anyone with a little cash and some know how can "flip" (buy, rehab, and resell) houses. Idiot's Guides: Flipping Houses takes a much more practical, boots-on-the-ground, real world look at the process by presenting the risks and rewards of flipping real estate. This book will help readers determine if they have the necessary time and cash, and guide them through the process of successfully purchasing, rehabbing, and profiting from their investments. Coverage includes: - In-depth discussion on devising the perfect flipping strategy, including a business plan and timeline, which enables a flipper to take a property from drab and shabby to modern and eye appealing. - Tips on how to target neighborhoods, properties, and selling markets to find a perfect flip property. - Includes easy-to-understand checklists so readers can ensure they've performed all their Flip Timeline Steps, including legal paperwork, staging the house, to inspection and closing. - Discussion on finding financial funding and assembling your team of experts.

The Business of Flipping Homes

The Business of Flipping Homes Author William Bronchick
ISBN-10 9781942952787
Release 2017-02-07
Pages 304
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Whether you’re looking to make a career out of flipping homes or see it as a part-time venture, you can make fast money legitimately. Before you get started, you need to know the right way to flip, regardless of local market conditions and current economic trends. There’s more to flipping than redoing a kitchen or staging a property. Every deal is different, and each investor must have a clear business strategy. Expert investors William Bronchick and Robert Dahlstrom have learned how to be successful in all types of markets—and now they share their secrets with you. From the bestselling authors of Flipping Properties, which brought the term “flipping” to American households, The Business of Flipping Homes is an A-to-Z guide for both new and seasoned investors. The book explains what flipping is and isn’t, goes beyond the investment of a basic single-family home, and demonstrates how to find, renovate, and sell properties using proven methods. With more than 40 years combined experience in buying and selling investment properties, Bronchick and Dahlstrom explain how to avoid many of the pitfalls and issues that could drain your funds and come back to haunt you. They give systematic approaches on long-term planning, including how to find and work with partners, structure a business, and utilize your specific talents, resources, and aspirations in realistic ways. You’ll learn how to figure out timelines, work with real-estate agents, understand the paperwork, analyze the numbers, utilize technology, and, most important, find the money.

The Beginning to a Gluten Free Lifestyle

The Beginning to a Gluten Free Lifestyle Author Theresa Bommarito
ISBN-10 9781449768553
Release 2012-10
Pages 32
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This book is the beginning of a better, healthier life. Listening to what your body is telling you is very important. Most people live their lives ignoring signs and symptoms of trouble, thinking they will just go away; by the time they take action, it s too late, and too much damage has occurred. Be aware of what s happening to our foods and make better choices. It is up to each of us to provide better health for ourselves. Nobody can do it for us. Knowing and being aware is half the battle. This book is a guide to changing your life. It begins today.

The Complete Guide to Investing in Rental Properties

The Complete Guide to Investing in Rental Properties Author Steve Berges
ISBN-10 0071458379
Release 2004-05-21
Pages 288
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Maximize profits in the single-family and multi-unit rental market You probably know that small rental properties are among the safest, most affordable, and most profitable investments around. With the a little help, however, you can minimize both your investment and your costs and send your profits straight through the roof! In this comprehensive handbook, real estate investing expert Steve Berges reveals the secrets that have made him one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the field. He shows you all of the indispensable tricks of the trade, explains why they are so important, and connects them to other essential steps for super-profitable investing. Arming you with his Five Golden Rules for Success, Steve Berges also shows you how to: Select a house and negotiate the best price and terms Perform a comprehensive financial analysis to maximize value Secure financing and prepare for your closing Find qualified tenants and draft favorable lease agreements Reduce operating costs, increase rents, and improve profitability Avoid the little-known pitfalls of real estate investing With Steve Berges' expert guidance and no-nonsense advice, you can maximize your investment, minimize your time and effort, and make the most of every foray into the real estate market.

Flipping Burgers to Flipping Millions

Flipping Burgers to Flipping Millions Author Bernard Kelly
ISBN-10 9781401303730
Release 2011-05-10
Pages 208
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An easy-to-read guide to the four stages of a successful financial life Bernard Kelly started his professional life cooking French fries at McDonald's. While his first paychecks were modest, he hoped that the small amounts he set aside from each would one day lead to the financial freedom he desired. A few short years later, Kelly's work ethic and dedication have fueled his rise from fry cook to Operations Consultant at McDonald's. At the same time, those early savings have grown into the kind of personal wealth many of us dream of achieving one day. In Flipping Burgers to Flipping Millions, Kelly shares the easy-to-understand principles at the heart of his professional and financial success--ones influenced by his experience working for the most successful restaurant business in the world--and gives you a game plan for how to use them in your own life. Are you just starting your career Perfect. Kelly will introduce you to the the four stages of a successful financial life--Right Now, Quality of Life, Retirement, and Legacy--and explain how to navigate them. Starting a little bit later That's OK too. Kelly will help you figure out how to get back on track on your path toward financial security. Presented in an engaging and jargon-free voice, this book will capture your imagination, change the way you think about money, and show you that financial freedom is possible--not just for other people, but for you.

Homes and Lifestyles of South central Indiana

Homes and Lifestyles of South central Indiana Author
ISBN-10 IND:30000081142287
Release 2006
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Homes and Lifestyles of South central Indiana has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Homes and Lifestyles of South central Indiana also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Homes and Lifestyles of South central Indiana book for free.

Fix It Flip It How to Make Money Rehabbing Real Estate for Profit Even in a Down Market

Fix It   Flip It  How to Make Money Rehabbing Real Estate for Profit Even in a Down Market Author Gene Hamilton
ISBN-10 9780071544153
Release 2008-05-01
Pages 288
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The first edition sold more than 50,000 copies Gene and Katie have appeared as home improvement experts on “Today” and “Dateline” on NBC, “Home Matters” on the Discovery Channel, “Today at Home” on HGTV, and “CNN Morning News” The Hamiltons are recipients of the 2002 National Association of Real Estate Editors Journalism Award and the 2002 Golden Hammer from the National Association of Home and Workshop Writers Award New strategies for down markets, including how to use renting as a fallback position Fresh flipping strategies for condos, a rapidly growing investment category 25 brand-new tips for do-it-yourself investors in the “Quick Fixes, Cleanups, and Repairs That Make You Money” section

M terek Dostumuz

M    terek Dostumuz Author Charles Dickens
ISBN-10 9789635279616
Release 2015-08-12
Pages 2000
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Müşterek Dostumuz'da Dickens, dönemin kapitalizminin başkenti Londra'daki hayata dair, belki de başka hiçbir romanında göremeyeceğimiz ölçüde geniş bir panaroma sunar, çünkü, malum, para yokluğuyla bile her yerdedir. En alt tabakalardan en üst tabakalara mekik dokuyacağını zaten daha en baştan sezdirir Dickens: Roman Thames Nehri'ne düşen cesetleri toplama işi yapan ailenin rutin turlarından birinin tekinsiz betimlenişiyle açılır ve hemen ardından yeni zengin Veneeringler'in evindeki yemeğin ve davetlilerin alaycı ve olağanüstü komik bir biçimde anlatıldığı bölüm gelir. Romandaki müthiş dil ve üslup çeşitliliğinin de habercisidir bu iki bölüm. Dilbilimcilerin tabiriyle “sosyolekt”lere (ve tabii “idiolektlere”de) olağanüstü duyarlı bir kulağı olan Dickens, bu romanda bir yandan bütün toplumsal tabakaları gezerken, bir yandan da her birini anlatmaya en uygun dili ve üslubu da yakalar. Yakaladıktan sonra da uzun uzun keyfini çıkarır ve okuru da kendinden geçirir. Romanın zenginlikleri bu eleştirel ve çok geniş kapsamlı toplumsal içeriğiyle ve dilinin olağanüstülüğüyle de sınırlı değildir; bütün Dickens romanlarında olduğu gibi insani anlamda müthiş derinlikli sahneler bu romanda da fazlasıyla vardır. Yayıncılarımızın büyük çoğunluğunun klasik yayıncılığından zaten zamanında çevrilmiş romanları tekrar tekrar (üstelik bazen de intihal çevirilerle) yayınlamayı anladığı bir dönemde, Dickens'ın “klasik” sıfatına gerçekten layık ve şimdiye kadar çevrilmemesi Türkiyeli okurlar adına ciddi bir kayıp olan bu dev (hem hacmen hem de mecazen dev) romanını yayınlama konusunda gösterdiği cesaret için İthaki Yayınları'nı ve bu güzel çeviri için Aslı Biçen'i kutlayarak bitireyim.

Sustainable Wealth

Sustainable Wealth Author Axel Merk
ISBN-10 0470564377
Release 2009-10-02
Pages 256
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A personal finance guide for today's turbulent world Sustainable Wealth empowers you to achieve your financial goals by unleashing the shackles of debt, no matter how uncertain the future may be. Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, this reliable resource illustrates how you can predict economic booms and busts before they happen, adapt to changing markets and plan for lasting financial stability. Over the course of his career, Axel Merk has been at the forefront of identifying major trends, a leader in the public policy debate on how to fix the economy, and guide for investors looking to navigate the global credit crisis. With this new book, Merk puts your financial decisions in a global context and shows how factors ranging from the Federal Reserve and Congress to trends in Asia and Europe influence your financial well-being. Coaches you how to recognize major economic trends before they happen Puts forth a plan to help you cope with expenses and save for retirement, while building a legacy of wealth, not a mountain of debt Reveals why "staying the course" when governments or markets change the rules may be hazardous to your wealth As investors struggle to adapt to the new financial landscape, Sustainable Wealth provides straightforward answers to the tough financial questions we face-and the tools to achieve a financially sustainable lifestyle.

Lifestyle and event marketing

Lifestyle and event marketing Author Alfred L. Schreiber
ISBN-10 UOM:49015002048776
Release 1994-01
Pages 263
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Shows marketers everywhere how to put the powerful principles of lifestyle marketing to work making money for their organizations. Explains the best ways to connect with customers' attitudes, beliefs, and aspirations through effective, sensitive campaigns to fight world hunger, save the rain forests, and sponsor arts and music festivals.

Florida Travel and Lifestyles

Florida Travel and Lifestyles Author
ISBN-10 IND:30000120139955
Release 2006
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Florida Travel and Lifestyles has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Florida Travel and Lifestyles also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Florida Travel and Lifestyles book for free.

Trust Your Radar

Trust Your Radar Author C. B. Brooks, M.D.
ISBN-10 9781468094596
Release 2012
Pages 348
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Avoid Life’s Major Sand Traps! Updated version 2016. An incredible range of life lessons sprinkled with funny, memorable, and moving stories. Practical, workable solutions from a totally unique, straightforward approach. Distills everything young people need into one concise, fun to read format. Parents: You want your kids to know these things! Book Benefits Show young people, in a clear and non-preaching way, how to avoid the major sand traps of life that snag every generation. Keeps readers entertained with fun and engaging stories from the author's careers as a surgeon, firefighter, police officer, scuba divemaster, golfer, amateur comedian, and more. Target audience Ages 14 to 40 and concerned parents. This book lets you: Identify your Radar – It’s your brain functioning optimally; not a vague intuition or sixth sense. Train your Radar – Stock your memory bank with key information on crime avoidance, healthy weight, tattoos, getting organized, respectful relationships, going to college or work. Cut through fake complexity with clear thinking on evaluating people, investments, credit cards. Learn the most dangerous toxic personality types and avoid them like the plague. Meet the Radar Jammers – They have the power to turn down or turn off our clear thinking brain Radars. Some are well known: alcohol and drugs, peer pressure, infatuation, anger. Others are surprising: showing off, fake complexity, unthinking religions, the need for speed, and even fast food! Most sand traps of life have a Radar Jammer or two waving people in. Learn specific techniques to deal with them all.