Make Life Your Bitch a Motivational and Inspirational Adult Coloring Book

Make Life Your Bitch  a Motivational and Inspirational Adult Coloring Book Author John T
ISBN-10 1533469504
Release 2016-05-25
Pages 56
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Turn Your Stress Into Success! Turn your stress into success with this motivational and inspirational swear word adult coloring book! For fans of adult coloring books and swear word coloring books Coloring page designs are printed single-sided to prevent bleed Swear word phrases and expressions like: "Not giving a fuck is better than revenge, Trust no man fear no bitch, and You're pretty fuckin' rad keep that shit up." Makes the perfect gift or a fun coloring party Buy 'Make Life Your Bitch' now! ***NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN.***

Shit Happens

Shit Happens Author James Alexander
ISBN-10 9780753545683
Release 2016-11-03
Pages 80
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Sometimes you just need to chill the fuck out. Over thirty-five new intricate and meditative zentagle designs that feature classic and delightfully unique sweary words and mantras to help you relax, calm down and let go of all your stress and anxiety. Each single-sided page includes such stress-relieving words and phrases as 'Shit Tits', 'Dumbass', 'Thunder Cunt' and 'Wanker'. Why not try before you buy? Download four free pages at WARNING contains seriously colourful language!

Pot Head Adult Coloring Book

Pot Head Adult Coloring Book Author Pothead Adult Coloring
ISBN-10 1543006647
Release 2017-02-09
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Want to relax while flying high? Features 25 DIY adult coloring mini posters!

Sassy Sayings Snarky Sarcasms and Saucy Swears

Sassy Sayings  Snarky Sarcasms  and Saucy Swears Author Cristin April Frey
ISBN-10 1523459964
Release 2016-01-20
Pages 52
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Sassy Sayings, Snarky Sarcasms, & Saucy Swears is a collection of 20 uncensored adult coloring pages for you to relax and color with your bad-ass self. It is also a perfect gift for your foul-mouthed friends or family. These feisty favorites are are a hit in the Sweary Facebook groups and now they've been compiled into this printed edition for you to enjoy while unleashing your sarcastic side. Each coloring page is one-sided so you don't have to worry about ruining the back side of your coloring pages if you use markers or other wet mediums. The book includes blotter pages in the back along with a color palette template so you can test your colors before using them or practice your color blending. There is a variety of original, completely hand-drawn designs and sayings from simple and easy to intricate and challenging for all skill levels or to suit your mood. It includes favorites such as "If It Requires Pants or a Bra, It's Not Happening Today" as well as the best seller from CristinApril's Etsy shop "And Not a Single F*ck Was Given That Day." You can preview Cristin's work, read her reviews or buy individual pages at her Etsy shop at this link Adult coloring books are known to reduce stress, calm your thoughts, relieve anxiety, and even help with pain management. It can be used to practice mindfulness and meditation as well as a way to relax. With these sassy and sweary sayings, it makes stress relief much more fun! If you have a bit of sass in your attitude, you will love this coloring book for grown-ups and you will surely get a giggle or two out of it. For more information on the author/artist, please visit her website at

Big Beautiful Bitch Black Paper Edition

Big  Beautiful  Bitch   Black Paper Edition Author Thiago Ultra
ISBN-10 1535284447
Release 2016-07-14
Pages 48
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Thiago Ultra presents you with this awesome swear word coloring bookprinted on black paper, containing the best art ever created by the artist, along with positive sweary expressions to make your day even better! Join this coloring adventure alongside Thiago Ultra and be delighted when coloring his delicate, but full of character, designs. 20+ unique hand-drawn illustrations with swear words and beautiful patterns. All images are printed single sided to avoid damage to other illustrations from color bleeding. Hours and hours of relaxation, mindful calm and stress relief. Ultimate fun! Grab you copy today!

Calm the F Ck Down

Calm the F Ck Down Author Sasha O'Hara
ISBN-10 1473642043
Release 2016-04-21
Pages 48
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Sometimes, after a long hard day, you just need to f*cking relax. To sit back and colour the things you can't say. Calm the F*ck Down is the perfect way to unwind and release your own beautiful smartass. Enjoy these irreverent yet beautiful adult colouring pages. Then sit back and sigh 'hell yeah' for a job well done. These single-sided colouring pages range from moderate to highly detailed in complexity. Images include abstract designs, animals and people, each with its own sassy quip like 'Home is Where the Vodka Is', 'Suck it Up, Buttercup', 'Carpe F*cking Diem', and other humorous, subversive sayings. CONTAINS ADULT LANGUAGE. NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN.

Greetings Asshole

Greetings  Asshole Author John T
ISBN-10 1537051326
Release 2016-08-11
Pages 50
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Need to vent? Have a little unwanted stress in your life? Know someone who is an absolute dickweed? If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions, then you need to "Color your anger away and find paradise!" Greetings...Asshole is filled with hand-illustrated designs inspired by vintage travel postcards. These swear word adult coloring pages will have you and your friends laughing your asses off for hours! Enough swear words (hopefully) for each and every asshole in your life!

I Am Sick of This S t Swear and Relax 1

I Am Sick of This S  t  Swear and Relax  1 Author Swear and Swear and Relax
ISBN-10 1530049121
Release 2016-02-15
Pages 52
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Swear and Relax Coloring Book for Adults Do you ever feel STRESSED? Does your annoying coworker never shut up? Is that teacher just not making any sense? Are you trying to find an unique novelty gift for your best friend? Sometimes, you just need to SWEAR, and we have the ultimate solution... Join the foulmouthed masses and unwind with Swear and Relax. Color designs featuring humorous and inappropriate swear words, each page full of flowers, mandalas, cats, dogs, or other cute animals, all while letting the steam out. After all, nothing goes better with the f-word than a mandala! Enjoy mindfulness and relaxation with this brilliant anti-stress therapy, also the perfect gag-gift! This Swear Word Adult Coloring Book features: 24 original SWEAR AND RELAX designs Single-sided pages 8.5" x 11" book size Order now and get started. Your inner peace is waiting, and it has some choice words for you. WARNING: This swear word coloring book contains ADULT LANGUAGE and is not intended for children.

Dream Away

Dream Away Author Julia Durango
ISBN-10 9781439160213
Release 2011-07-12
Pages 32
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Dream away, dream away, sleepyhead, love Set sail for the ocean of stars up above. You be the captain and I'll be your mate. We'll journey together, the heavens await. From author Julia Durango and new illustrator Robert Goldstrom, a story of the dreams that are possible as you drift to sleep. A father and son venture into a dream and encounter some new and familiar faces and along the way discover the possibilities the universe can hold. Accompanied by Robert Goldstrom's sweeping paintings, Dream Away is the perfect combination of dreams and reality.

Swear Word Coloring Book

Swear Word Coloring Book Author Outrageous Katie
ISBN-10 1945006285
Release 2016-05-03
Pages 68
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You've seen swear word coloring books before, but never one like this! Introducing Have Some Pun, the worlds dirtiest, funniest, prettiest coloring book filled with hilarious puns. Unwind, relax, and probably have a few belly laughs with this coloring book by me Outrageous Katie. Inside my book you will find goofy and raunchy puns made even funnier with my designs. I designed the drawings based on the puns, and not the other way around! This coloring book is truly a shade above the rest! Included in the book are... Hilarious jokes and puns Beautiful illustrations that go with the puns perfectly. Goofy characters Pretty plants and animals High quality paper 30 coloring pages at 8.5 x 11 Join the newest phase of adult coloring books and try our adult coloring book, Have Some Pun, today! If you're looking for a swear word coloring book that will have you giggling like a kid, that holds no punches, and is beautifully designed and drawn then this is the book for you! Have Some Pun is the hard work of the one and only Outrageous Katie! Her humor is perfect for swear word coloring books, and her artistic prowess is among the best the adult coloring books genre. Outrageous Katie takes great pride in every page of her books, and she has thousands of happy customers to back up her hard work. Katie's books consistently rank among adult coloring books best sellers. It seems like everyone is releasing a swear word coloring book these days, but there are many things that set Outrageous Katie's work apart from the competition. These are some of the many reasons that fans of coloring books for adults love this book!

Death Under Sail

Death Under Sail Author C. P. Snow
ISBN-10 9781842324202
Release 2000-01-01
Pages 234
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Roger Mills, a Harley Street specialist, is taking a sailing holiday on the Norfolk Broads. When his six guests find him at the tiller of his yacht with a smile on his face and a gunshot through his heart, all six fall under suspicion in this, C P Snow’s first novel.

Swear Word Coloring Book Black Paper Edition

Swear Word Coloring Book   Black Paper Edition Author Thiago Ultra
ISBN-10 1544245734
Release 2017-03-07
Pages 64
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AMAZON HOTTEST RELEASE | 2017 30 Sweary Designs to Release your Stress - Black Paper Edition! 30 unique hand-drawn illustrations with swear words and beautiful intricate designs printed on black paper All images are printed single sided to avoid damage to other illustrations from color bleeding. Fantastic gift for anyone with a sense of humor Hours and hours of relaxation, mindful calm and stress relief. Warning: Not recommended for children. List of Swear Words in the book: Fuck Off Douche bag Damn Crap Asshole Bitch and many more...

Creative Haven Floral Tattoo Designs Coloring Book

Creative Haven Floral Tattoo Designs Coloring Book Author Erik Siuda
ISBN-10 9780486496290
Release 2014-04-23
Pages 64
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A skilled tattoo artist presents more than 30 black-and-white versions of his innovative floral designs. Stylized images of roses, peonies, and other lush blossoms appear in large, full-page formats that are ideal for colorists looking for more sophisticated images. Pages are perforated and printed on one side only for easy removal and display. Specially designed for experienced colorists, Floral Tattoo Designs and other Creative Haven® coloring books offer an escape to a world of inspiration and artistic fulfillment.

The Satanic Verses

The Satanic Verses Author Salman Rushdie
ISBN-10 9781409058854
Release 2011-08-31
Pages 560
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Just before dawn one winter’s morning, a hijacked aeroplane blows apart high above the English Channel and two figures tumble, clutched in an embrace, towards the sea: Gibreel Farishta, India’s legendary movie star, and Saladin Chamcha, the man of a thousand voices. Washed up, alive, on an English beach, their survival is a miracle. But there is a price to pay. Gibreel and Saladin have been chosen as opponents in the eternal wrestling match between Good and Evil. But chosen by whom? And which is which? And what will be the outcome of their final confrontation?

Cocktastic Colourful Cocks

Cocktastic  Colourful Cocks Author Ella Cotton
ISBN-10 1539874680
Release 2016-11-05
Pages 60
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JINGLE BALLS! 'Chestnuts roasting on a...' Looking for a fun colouring book or a gift for someone who might appreciate a book full of artistic willies? 'Yule Knob' - Need a silly secret Santa, saucy stocking filler or hilarious hen night gift? Then Ella Cottons hilarious 'Cocktastic! Colourful Cocks' could be the book for you. Each beautifully designed black & white illustration depicts a famous male member taken from the world of Art ready for colouring. This is extreme mindfulness! Cocks found inside the book include:Michelangelo's David Medieval Nuns harvesting from the cock tree Roman winged penises Flower cocks Bhutanese knob dragons And many more! Ward off the 'Evil Eye' with these wonderful willies and their illuminating descriptions. Feel relaxed and amused while carefully colouring cock. Please note: Rubbing this book will not make it bigger. To see more of Ella's illustrations please visit:

The Physiology Coloring Book

The Physiology Coloring Book Author Wynn Kapit
ISBN-10 0321036638
Release 2000
Pages 161
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The Physiology Colouring Workbook is a comprehensive review of key physiological processes like respiration, digestion, cell membrane polarization, synaptic interaction, reproduction etc.

Technical Writing Style

Technical Writing Style Author Dan Richard Jones
ISBN-10 UVA:X004174808
Release 1998
Pages 302
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Advanced technical communication books are becoming more and more available. However, each book is solely devoted to a specialized topic such as technical editing, design, illustration, usability testing, and online documentation. Despite all of these introductory and advanced books, not one is available specifically devoted to the challenges of style in technical communication.KEY TOPICS: This 12-point approach offers the most current and comprehensive instruction available in achieving an effective style in technical documents. It shows that technical prose style varies from the highly formal to the colloquial, from the pretentious to the plain, and it demonstrates the many stylistic strategies writers should consider for every technical document they write.Anyone who has to write professional and technical documents, specifically, engineers, software developers/consultants, medical writers, professional technical writers.Part of the Allyn & Bacon Series in Technical communication.