Over The Garden Wall Vol 2

Over The Garden Wall Vol  2 Author George Mager
ISBN-10 9781613986776
Release 2017-08-09
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The Eisner Award-winning series continues! Wirt and Greg find themselves at a crossroads in the Unknown where each brother has to take his own path, but something sinister is on their trail. Collects issues #5-8.

Over The Garden Wall

Over The Garden Wall Author Jim Campbell
ISBN-10 9781608869404
Release 2017-03-28
Pages 112
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Originally published in single magazine form as Over the garden wall #1-4.

Over the Garden Wall Ongoing 1

Over the Garden Wall Ongoing  1 Author Jim Campbell
ISBN-10 9781681598031
Release 2016-04-27
Pages 28
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Over the Garden Wall is now an ongoing series! In this kickoff issue, Wirt and Greg might have escaped the Beast¡¯s grasp and made it out of the Unknown, but some things can¡¯t be forgotten. Greg returns to Dreamland at night, where the silly creatures who live there help him on his adventures. Then, dive back into the early days in the Unknown where young Anna, the daughter of the Woodsman, must learn to survive in the woods on her own.

Over the Garden Wall Special 1

Over the Garden Wall Special  1 Author Pat McHale
ISBN-10 9781681592206
Release 2014-11-05
Pages 34
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WHY WE LOVE IT: 'Tome of the Unknown' is a fantastic animated short by Pat McHale (Adventure Time, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack) and we are happy to see it come to life, not only as Cartoon Network's first original animated mini-series entitled OVER THE GARDEN WALL, but also as an over-sized comic! Pat is great and we're thrilled to get to work with him on this one-shot! WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: Bringing the classic feel of a Victorian fable, this is a fun journey of two brothers trying to find their way home. With the talent of Pat McHale on story and the illustrative storytelling of Jim Campbell (STAR WARS, THE KRACHMACHER) this is definitely going to be an awesome journey that will appeal to fans of The Secret of NIMH, The Triplets of Belleville, and classic fairy tales. WHAT IT'S ABOUT: Two brothers, Wirt and Greg, find themselves lost in the Unknown, a strange forest adrift in time. With the help of a shadowy Woodsman and an ill-tempered bluebird named Beatrice, they travel through the foggy land hoping to find their way home and encountering all manner of adventures along the way.

Over the Garden Wall

Over the Garden Wall Author Pat McHale
ISBN-10 9781613985076
Release 2016-09-14
Pages 148
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Pat McHale¡¯s Over the Garden Wall was Cartoon Network¡¯s first-ever original animated miniseries. Countless fans loved the eerily sweet story of two half-brothers trying to find their way home. We loved it so much, too that we published a companion one-shot that was quickly snapped up, and then we expanded the world of Over the Garden Wall with stories set between the episodes! Pat McHale and artist Jim Campbell return with more original stories that take place along with the animated show. Follow the additional adventures of Wirt and Greg as they try to find their way out of the Unknown forest. Collects the one shot and the limited series!

The Art of Over the Garden Wall

The Art of Over the Garden Wall Author Patrick McHale
ISBN-10 9781506703763
Release 2017
Pages 184
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Venture into the Unknown! A complete tour through the development and production of the Emmy-winning animated miniseries Over the Garden Wall, this volume contains hundreds of pieces of concept art and sketches, and a comprehensive look at the show's breathtaking production art. From the original Tome of the Unknown: Harvest Melody pilot, through each of the episodes, and beyond, take a strange and wonderful journey with Wirt, Greg, and Beatrice. Learn how the award-winning backgrounds were created, see animation storyboards, and even take a behind-the-scenes look at the production of the Mondo vinyl soundtrack and "For Sara" mix tape, as well as the ongoing Boom! Studios comics. Sean Edgar guides the tour, which includes commentary from creators Patrick McHale and Nick Cross. "I'm so happy Sean and Dark Horse got this book to happen! It's been really interesting going through all my old sketchbooks, notes, and file folders in search of lost bits and pieces from the show's development," said Patrick McHale. "This handsome volume will contain a nice mixture of beautiful drawings and paintings from the series, amusing anecdotes about the process, unseen and unused artwork that didn't make the final cut, other mysterious odds and ends, and a whole lot of horrible ugly early development sketches that should inspire people to say, 'Hey, I could do better than that!'"

The Walking Dead Kompendium 01

The Walking Dead   Kompendium 01 Author Robert Kirkman
ISBN-10 3864253586
Release 2014-06
Pages 1088
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The Walking Dead Kompendium 01 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Walking Dead Kompendium 01 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Walking Dead Kompendium 01 book for free.

Over The Garden Wall 4

Over The Garden Wall  4 Author Pat McHale
ISBN-10 9781681596525
Release 2015-11-25
Pages 24
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Final issue! This is a prequel to the Cartoon Network animated series. Before the woodsman was busy chasing after the beast, he lived in the woods with his daughter. The day she disappeared was when the woodsman¡¯s journey began.

Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften

Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften Author Robert Musil
ISBN-10 9783737571203
Release 2015-10-21
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Leseprobe: Über dem Atlantik befand sich ein barometrisches Minimum; es wanderte ostwärts, einem über Rußland lagernden Maximum zu, und verriet noch nicht die Neigung, diesem nördlich auszuweichen. Die Isothermen und Isotheren taten ihre Schuldigkeit. Die Lufttemperatur stand in einem ordnungsgemäßen Verhältnis zur mittleren Jahrestemperatur, zur Temperatur des kältesten wie des wärmsten Monats und zur aperiodischen monatlichen Temperaturschwankung. Der Auf- und Untergang der Sonne, des Mondes, der Lichtwechsel des Mondes, der Venus, des Saturnringes und viele andere bedeutsame Erscheinungen entsprachen ihrer Voraussage in den astronomischen Jahrbüchern. Der Wasserdampf in der Luft hatte seine höchste Spannkraft, und die Feuchtigkeit der Luft war gering. Mit einem Wort, das das Tatsächliche recht gut bezeichnet, wenn es auch etwas altmodisch ist: Es war ein schöner Augusttag des Jahres 1913. Autos schossen aus schmalen, tiefen Straßen in die Seichtigkeit heller Plätze. Fußgängerdunkelheit bildete wolkige Schnüre. Wo kräftigere Striche der Geschwindigkeit quer durch ihre lockere Eile fuhren, verdickten sie sich, rieselten nachher rascher und hatten nach wenigen Schwingungen wieder ihren gleichmäßigen Puls. Hunderte Töne waren zu einem drahtigen Geräusch ineinander verwunden, aus dem einzelne Spitzen vorstanden, längs dessen schneidige Kanten liefen und sich wieder einebneten, von dem klare Töne absplitterten und verflogen. An diesem Geräusch, ohne daß sich seine Besonderheit beschreiben ließe, würde ein Mensch nach jahrelanger Abwesenheit mit geschlossenen Augen erkannt haben, daß er sich in der Reichshaupt- und Residenzstadt Wien befinde. Städte lassen sich an ihrem Gang erkennen wie Menschen. Die Augen öffnend, würde er das gleiche an der Art bemerken, wie die Bewegung in den Straßen schwingt, bei weitem früher als er es durch irgendeine bezeichnende Einzelheit herausfände. Und wenn er sich, das zu können, nur einbilden sollte, schadet es auch nichts ...

Over the Garden Wall Ongoing 4

Over the Garden Wall Ongoing  4 Author Jim Campbell
ISBN-10 9781681598376
Release 2016-07-27
Pages 32
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Greg ties to avoid a haunted river's curse, and Anna makes a friend in the woods.

Adventure Time Vol 9 Mathematical Edition

Adventure Time Vol  9 Mathematical Edition Author Pendleton Ward
ISBN-10 9781684150366
Release 2017-10-31
Pages 128
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Finn and Jake stumble upon a secret war when they accidentally take out Candy Bar, Peppermint Butler's agent, and investigate the King of Ooo and the odd bears he has been spending time with.

Das Feuerzeug

Das Feuerzeug Author
ISBN-10 3359022823
Release 2010
Pages 40
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Das Feuerzeug has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Das Feuerzeug also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Das Feuerzeug book for free.

Over the Garden Wall Ongoing 17

Over the Garden Wall Ongoing  17 Author Kiernan Sjursen-Lien
ISBN-10 9781613989340
Release 2017-08-23
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Gather ‘round for a highwayman heist story told exclusively by turkeys.

Garfield Original Graphic Novel

Garfield Original Graphic Novel Author Scott Nickel
ISBN-10 9781608869756
Release 2017-06-06
Pages 96
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Sucked into an ultimate 3-D television, Garfield and Odie are sent on a reality-bending adventure.

Adventure Time

Adventure Time Author Pendleton Ward
ISBN-10 9781684150052
Release 2017-08-29
Pages 112
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"Finn and Jake wake up in a world that is not quite the way they remember it--more snakes, that's for sure--and it looks like they're stuck here. But where is here exactly? With the help of some fellow friends, Finn and Jake soon discover that they're inside BMO and it looks like BMO is determined to give them the best game of their lives, whether they want it or not."--

Adventure Time Comics

Adventure Time Comics Author Derek Fridolfs
ISBN-10 9781608869848
Release 2017-06-27
Pages 112
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Collects short comics featuring the citizens of the Land of Ooo.

The Amazing World of Gumball After School Special

The Amazing World of Gumball  After School Special Author Zachary Clemente
ISBN-10 9781613986882
Release 2017-09-06
Pages 128
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Join Gumball, Darwin, and friends on their wacky side adventures that will delight any fan of The Amazing World of Gumball! Features stories by an eclectic mix of comics’ finest established and up-and-coming talents, including Andy Hirsch (The Baker Street Peculiars), Kate Leth (Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat!), and Anne Szabla (Bird Boy).