Picks Author Will Hoover
ISBN-10 0879303778
Release 1995
Pages 107
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Traces the history of the guitar pick, shows custom designs by a variety of manufacturers, and offers advice on collecting guitar picks

How Social Security Picks Your Pocket

How Social Security Picks Your Pocket Author Joseph Fried
ISBN-10 9780875861975
Release 2007
Pages 260
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Bold statement that the response of Congress and the White House following the September 11 attacks have sown the seeds of what may become a "national security state." Undertakes one of the most comprehensive, section-by-section reviews of the USA PATRIOT Act available anywhere to the general reader.

A Queen for All Seasons

A Queen for All Seasons Author Linda Cobb
ISBN-10 9780743436922
Release 2002-03-20
Pages 160
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The Queen of Clean with her royal tips for every season, an untidy home would almost be treason! Winter Make snow shoveling a breeze...store holiday decorations with no tangles...humidify dry indoor air...care for flannel sheets...make those Valentine's gems sparkle Spring Garden the natural way...allergy-proof your home...banish grass stains...color your Easter eggs Summer Prepare for family road trips...care for your camping equipment...keep bugs away without chemicals...clean your sports gear Fall Get organized for back to school...store your summer clothes properly...put away your air conditioner...prepare for stress-free holidays!

Peter Peter Picks a Pumpkin House

Peter Peter Picks a Pumpkin House Author Christine Graham
ISBN-10 9781429964623
Release 2009-08-04
Pages 64
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Peter Peter and Wanda love to watch their pumpkins grow fat in the field. Life is lovely, until the rains come and make their mud hut sad and soggy. When Peter Peter needs to buy tin for a new roof, he decides to trade their goat for a bag of treasure. But the treasure turns out to be nothing more than some big seeds! What will Peter Peter and Wanda do now? Little do they know, those seeds might be just what they need.

Parents Picks The Activity Book

Parents Picks  The Activity Book Author Marge Kennedy
ISBN-10 0312988745
Release 2003-10-19
Pages 209
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A collection of activities for children includes instructions for host of crafts, games, and activities using household items, exploring nature, and enjoying ordinary places around town. Reprint.

Derek S Picks

Derek S Picks Author Derek O`brien
ISBN-10 0143063413
Release 2008-04-01
Pages 360
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Personal Favourites Of Asia S No. 1 Quizmaster Derek O Brien Is Recognized As India S Leading Quizmaster. From His Vast Repertoire Of Questions That Span The Informative And Educational, Thought-Provoking Facts And Trivia, He Has Gleaned Hundreds Of His Favourites For This Unputdownable Volume. The Questions Cover Subjects As Diverse As The Chinese New Year, Coffee, Crocodiles And Cleopatra To The Grammy Awards, Gujarat, Mars, Swans, Tsunamis, And West Asia. There Are Also Sets Of Questions On Famous Personalities Like Asha Bhonsle, Isaac Newton, Lady Diana, Pablo Picasso, Shakespeare, And Winnie The Pooh. Each Set Tests Both The Extent And Depth Of The Readers Knowledge On The Subject. Among The Questions Readers Will Find Answers To In This Book Are: " Millions Of Years Ago, Which Super-Continent Did Antarctica Originally Form A Part Of? " What Were The Two Styles Of Shading Which Leonardo Used To Great Effect In His Paintings? " What Special Feature Of A Camel S Eyelids Protects It From Dust And Sun? " What Is The Study Of Fishes Called? Whether You Are A Student, Teacher, Professional, Quiz Aficionado, Or Just A Casual Reader, This Book Will Keep You Engrossed For Days.

Design Your Own Guitar Picks

Design Your Own Guitar Picks Author Edward Ardizzone
Release 2015-01-12
Pages 14
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There have been many innovations in the design of the guitar pick. Most of these were born out of the issue of guitar picks slipping and flying out of the hand of the player. A guitar pick is a very personal item and picking the best one relies on upon numerous factors. Making picks can be simple. Here you will be able to get tips and methods for making your own guitar picks. Make your own guitar picks as you like and feel comfortable with the pick maker. This ebook by Edward Ardizzone will give a brief explanation on pick punch, for more information visit: http://www.amazon.com/The-Pick-Cutter-Guitar-Maker/dp/B00CAGEIIW

The Jubak Picks

The Jubak Picks Author Jim Jubak
ISBN-10 9780307449825
Release 2008-12-30
Pages 352
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The Investing Strategy for All Seasons The Jubak Picks enables you to play great offense and great defense: to make money in the stock market in good times, to protect yourself during downturns, and to reap the biggest profits when the good times return. In good times, Jubak’s strategy beats the market, delivering an amazing return of 360 percent over an eleven-year period. Compare that to the S&P 500 Stock Index return of 68 percent and we are talking about real money in your pocket. But times aren’t always good and no investor can make money all the time. When stocks plunge during a grinding bear market, you need a strategy for playing great defense that preserves capital, so you can pounce when good buying opportunities present themselves. And best of all, Jubak’s strategy tells what ten trends and fifty stocks will make you the most money when the market rebounds. Jim Jubak’s top-down stock-picking method is based on being in the right asset at the right time, ensuring that your portfolio is composed of stocks with the wind at their back and that are trending upward. He shows how to find the best stocks by first understanding ten macro trends changing the world, including: • The economies—Brazil, Russia, Vietnam, India, China, and the “rest of the gang”—driving global demand • The return of inflation—and the end of the thirty-year era of low prices • The rising tide of retirement money in an older and wealthier world—and the crucial need for companies that can properly manage it • The commodities crunch in a world ever more hungry for natural resources • The end of cheap oil • Food as the “new oil” • The decline in global financial stability and the increasing value of safe investing havens • The world finally getting serious about the environment and global warming Why heed Jim Jubak and his method? • Start with the record: Returns that have beaten all major indices by a significant factor for more than a decade...and in bad times, such as the bear market of 2007-2008, losses that are just one-third those of the major indices. • Factor in transparency: Unlike those who tell you the hot stocks for today but conveniently forget them tomorrow, the decade-long record—triumphs, warts, and lessons—is on MSNmoney.com (“Jubak’s Journal”). • Add in continual updates: Jubak will provide continual updates on MSNmoney.com of his fifty picks, providing a real-time assessment of stocks that are keepers and those that should be sold. From the Hardcover edition.

Make Your Own Guitar Picks By Pick Punch

Make Your Own Guitar Picks By Pick Punch Author Arran Smith
Release 2014-12-30
Pages 10
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Make Your Own Guitar Picks By Pick Punch has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Make Your Own Guitar Picks By Pick Punch also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Make Your Own Guitar Picks By Pick Punch book for free.

Hollywood Picks the Classics

Hollywood Picks the Classics Author Afton Fraser
ISBN-10 0821261908
Release 2004
Pages 239
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A guide to classic Hollywood movies for film novices and buffs alike focuses on the movies of filmdom's Golden Age from 1930 to 1960, breaking down film recommendations into such categories as Romance and Film Noir and including information on plot synopses, casts and crews, trivia, gossip, and more. Original.

Chili Wendell s Picks

Chili  Wendell s Picks Author Wendell Smith
ISBN-10 9780970237200
Release 2014-03-14
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Delicious and Fabulous Chili Recipes from Around the U.S.A. A book for people who like to give large, inexpensive parties for friends. For mothers and grandmothers to give the young mothers just starting to cook. For people who like delicious and different flavors of chili.

Miss Dimple Picks a Peck of Trouble

Miss Dimple Picks a Peck of Trouble Author Mignon F. Ballard
ISBN-10 9781250035639
Release 2014-02-04
Pages 272
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It's the summer of 1944 and the world seems mired in a war that will never end. On the home front, the people of Elderberry, Georgia, are doing everything they can to support the troops. Even with a war on, the peaches are ripe for picking. As veteran teacher Miss Dimple Kilpatrick and her colleagues work in the orchard, they hear frantic calls for help: An eighteen-year-old girl, Prentice, has been missing—and is later found murdered. Miss Dimple and her fellow teachers-turned-sleuths are determined to find the killer. Although Prentice had recently broken up with her boyfriend, the most obvious suspect isn't always the right one: Prentice may have been keeping some secrets; and a local woman claims to have witnessed the whole abduction—except she also believes she is Scarlett O'Hara, that Nazi spies are pursuing her, and that she knows where the Confederate gold is buried. Figuring out what really happened to Prentice is sure to be a challenge. But Miss Dimple, who has taught the town's first graders for decades, has never been daunted by a challenge. Mignon F. Ballard's newest edition to her Miss Dimple mystery series, Miss Dimple Picks a Peck of Trouble, is filled with period charm and a wonderfully brave band of amateur sleuths.

The Greatest Stock Picks of All Time

The Greatest Stock Picks of All Time Author W. Randall Jones
ISBN-10 0307422070
Release 2007-12-18
Pages 288
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Worth magazine founder Randy Jones shows how to pick the best stocks of the future by learning the lessons of the greatest stocks of all time. In a turbulent investing environment, luck must be the only way to score in the stock market, right? Not so, says Randy Jones. The people who bought McDonald’s in 1965 or Chrysler in 1980 weren’t just fortunate. Most of them knew how to read the signs of a good stock and jumped on the opportunity. Such stocks exist in every economic climate, and Jones shows readers exactly how to find them. In The Greatest Stock Picks of All Time, Jones describes twenty-five of the best stock picks ever and explains what made them great. He shows how the smartest investors find companies that are about to zoom, giving readers a framework for analyzing stocks today. For example, Jones explains why AT&T was a great stock pick in the 1920s, Polaroid in the 1940s, Xerox in the 1950s, Teledyne in the 1970s, and Intel in the 1990s. He then guides readers to discover stocks that represent the same kinds of pathbreaking products, innovative business models, great management teams, and other harbingers of success that will certainly be characteristic of the great stock picks of tomorrow. The Greatest Stock Picks of All Time has invaluable lessons for anyone in the market today. “Today a lot of people think they should murder their brokers, but my advice is don’t. You can stay out of jail and make a lot of money by learning from the greatest stocks of the last century and by heeding this advice for your future investments.” —Dominick Dunne From the Trade Paperback edition.

Princess Peepers Picks a Pet

Princess Peepers Picks a Pet Author Pam Calvert
ISBN-10 0761458158
Release 2011
Pages 32
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Princess Peepers gets an unusual pet just in time for the royal pet show

Chammu picks cherries

Chammu picks cherries Author Ratna Jalisatgi
ISBN-10 9781257982325
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Chammu picks cherries has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Chammu picks cherries also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Chammu picks cherries book for free.

Popular Picks for Young Readers

Popular Picks for Young Readers Author Diane Foote for ALSC
ISBN-10 9780838936054
Release 2013-12
Pages 216
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Featuring contributions by active librarians from around the country, this guide offers a goldmine of quality books for children, spotlighting more than 500 titles published within the last four years. Ranging from books for newborns through readers to age 14, the selected books encompass a wide variety of formats and themes to reflect the diversity of contemporary society. Popular Picks for Young Readers is equally useful for readers' advisory and collection development, and includes High-quality, well-reviewed books that are popular with kids Only original titles, eliminating derivative works such as those based on a movie or licensed characters Picture books, graphic novels, poetry, informational books, fiction, and more Thorough annotations, with summary, author, and publication information Multiple indexes for easy searching by title, author, type of book, genre, award-winners, and subject matter With selections geared towards every child's interest and reading level, this guide will help librarians, teachers, caregivers and others connect young readers to books they're sure to love.

Death Picks a Blue Palette

Death Picks a Blue Palette Author William D. Skees
ISBN-10 9780595436385
Release 2007-03
Pages 164
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Rayanne is a portrait artist, a drawing teacher and an accidental detective, whose studio is in Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia, just across the Potomac River from Washington, D C. Rayanne and her sidekick Noor, a born again, tough love lesbian, are confronted with a series of murders in the Old Town artists' community that the police want to write off as suicides. Rayanne's only weapons against the murderer are her intuitions, her very skeptical best friend and Noor's lover, Sandy, a killer ex-Marine.