Seeking Solid Ground

Seeking Solid Ground Author John Trent
ISBN-10 1561793647
Release 1995
Pages 202
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This is a timely book of insights, guidance, and practical help. The clear, simple call to living by God's principles will strengthen any reader.--H. Norman Wright, Author and Counselor

Solid Ground

Solid Ground Author Mark Finley
ISBN-10 082801731X
Release 2003
Pages 400
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This daily devotional is filled with inspirational true-life stories and personal testimonies from heroes of faith throughout history. You will meet transformed men and women whose love for God led them beyond failure to spiritual success. Start your day on solid ground with these powerful stories.

Strong to the Core

Strong to the Core Author H. Norman Wright
ISBN-10 9780736941990
Release 2011-08-01
Pages 384
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Respected counselor and bestselling author H. Norman Wright releases a spiritually and personally fulfilling daily devotional for men. Known for his insight into the needs of people, Wright shapes 365 devotions to strengthen men at their core-their heart for God.Short offerings, ideal for busy lives, include Scripture and relatable meditations that lead men to seek their identity and security in Christ as they learn to:rely on God's guidanceconnect with other men of faithmodel God's love and strength in practical waystrust the Bible as their source of wisdomgive their needs, hurts, decisions, and future to GodLike a faithful mentor, Wright walks alongside men through every area of their lives, from relationships and family to vocation and contentment. This relevant devotional will be a gift of ongoing influence and inspiration for men of all stages of their journey.

On Solid Ground

On Solid Ground Author Tom Osborne
ISBN-10 9780803271470
Release 2012-09
Pages 266
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Originally published: Lincoln: Nebraska Book Pub., c1996.

The Ground Beneath Her Feet

The Ground Beneath Her Feet Author Salman Rushdie
ISBN-10 9781409058779
Release 2012-08-24
Pages 592
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On Valentine’s Day, 1989, Vina Apsara, a famous and much-loved singer, disappears in a devastating earthquake. Her lover, the singer Ormus Cama, cannot accept that he has lost her, and so begins his eternal quest to find her and bring her back. His journey takes him across the globe and through cities pulsating with the power of rock ’n’ roll, to Bombay, London and New York. But around the star-crossed lover and his quest, the uncertain world itself is beginning to tremble and break. Cracks and tears are appearing in the very fabric of reality, and exposing the abyss beyond. And Ormus has to confront just how far he is willing to go for love.

The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life Author S. L. Frank
ISBN-10 9780802865274
Release 2010-10-07
Pages 160
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Originally published in Russian in 1925, The Meaning of Life is a distillation of S.L. Frank's bitter experience during the Revolution and his post-Revolution exile. It is, quite simply, a book about the search for meaning in suffering, and it displays an extraordinary spiritual profundity rooted in personal experience. Translator Boris Jakim calls it "the closest thing we have in the twenty-first century to the book of Job." Jakim's masterful translation into English brings Frank's powerful thought to a world still ù and always ù searching for meaning. Boris Jakim is one of the foremost living translators of Russian religious thought into English.

Black Holes

Black Holes Author Joseph Hillis Miller
ISBN-10 9780804732444
Release 1999
Pages 537
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This innovative work sets two texts by two different authors on facing pages, designed so that they read in tandem—Miller's text on the right, Asensi's on the left. Miller analyzes the changes in the contemporary research university in the West; Asensi provides the first comprehensive interpretation of Miller's work.

The Deadwood Trail

The Deadwood Trail Author Ralph Compton
ISBN-10 1429903198
Release 1999-01-15
Pages 304
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They had beaten the harsh odds of the frontier. But for the two powerful ranchers, the most formidable trail lay ahead. There had never been a trail drive like this before... The only riches Texans had left after the Civil War were five million maverick longhorns and the brains, brawn, and boldness to drive them to market along treacherous trails. Now, Ralph Compton brings this violent and magnificent time to life in an extraordinary series based on the history-blazing trail drives. For veteran ranchers Nelson Story of Montana, and Benton McCaleb of Wyoming, it was an opportunity a man didn't pass up. In gold camps of the Black Hills, miners were hungry for beef, at boomtown prices. But within the two outfits were Indians, gunmen, Texans, lovesick cowboys, and high-spirited women. Worse, the drive would pass through Crow and Sioux territory, when Custer's defeat at the Little Big Horn was just hours away. The drives were tangled by violent grudges, stampeding herds, and dangerous deception. The two brawling outfits had one thing in common: a deadly surprise awaiting them at the end of the trail...

Efficient Rent Seeking

Efficient Rent Seeking Author Alan Lockard
ISBN-10 9781475750553
Release 2013-03-14
Pages 408
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Some time ago one of the editors (Gordon Tullock) stumbled on a paradox in the competition for rents. He asked a previous research assistant (William Hunter) to work out some examples and gave a seminar on it. For reasons he cannot recall (but probably bad) he titled his talk `Efficient Rent Seeking'. As Editor of Public Choice he was able to publish without a referee. Incidentally, The Journal of Political Economy had turned it down on the grounds that the economy could not be that chaotic, and hence there must be something wrong even if the referee couldn't put his finger on it. There followed a long series of articles, mainly in Public Choice, in which various distinguished scholars proposed solutions to the paradox. The editor responded by finding fault with these solutions. In this case the editor was arguing against interest. He, like the referee for the JPE, believed that the market works, if not perfectly, at least very well. Nevertheless, the paradox resisted and persisted. It was like the paradox of the liar, and indeed in some cases did show exactly that paradox. Eventually everyone, including the editor, grew tired of the matter and the discussion sort of wound down, although it could not be said that it was either solved or even abated. It also began to appear that it had a much larger scope than just competitive rent seeking. Any contest for wealth, privilege, or prestige in which the chances of winning were affected by the investment of the contestants would appear to be subject to the same problem. The sum of the investments in equilibrium might be much less than the prize or much more. It depended on the structure of the contest, but the range of structures seemed to include almost all economic competition. Clearly, from the standpoint of economics, this was a distressing conclusion. Perhaps the whole vast structure of economic analysis rested on faulty foundations. Speaking frankly, neither of the editors thinks the situation is that desperate. We feel that there is a logical solution, even if we do not know what it is. The purpose of this volume is to attempt to get economists to turn to the problem and, hopefully, solve the paradox. We present here a substantial portion of the literature on the matter. We hope that the readers will be stimulated to think about the problem and, even more, we hope they will be able to solve it.

Spirit Ridge

Spirit Ridge Author L. A. Kelley
ISBN-10 9781509207480
Release 2016-05-25
Pages 318
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San Francisco in 1885 is a dangerous place for investigative newspaper reporter Nell Bishop. She’s uncovered a crime lord’s corrupt empire and heads to the Arizona Territories to stop the plan to extend his evil dominion to the West. As a woman in man’s world, she locked her heart to romantic distractions, but could Marshal Sam Tanner hold the key? Sam Tanner fought the visions sent by his Apache blood. They always foretold an inevitable death. Then he dreamed of the coyote with golden brown eyes who warned of a black shadow spreading evil across the territory. Had the spirits linked Sam’s fate to the beautiful woman with the golden brown eyes who stepped off the stagecoach? Can Sam help Nell elude the mysterious dark riders who dog her trail or will the next vision mean death for both?

Annual Review of Nursing Research Volume 23 2005

Annual Review of Nursing Research  Volume 23  2005 Author Joyce J. Fitzpatrick, PhD, MBA, RN, FAAN
ISBN-10 0826141293
Release 2005-10-17
Pages 424
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Designated a Doody's Core Title! This volume brings together, for the first time, all the research on alcohol use that is relevant to nursing practice. Alcohol plays a major role in health care problems, which affects nursing practice from obstetrics to geriatrics. It also may have some significant health benefits, when used in moderation. This book reviews the research on both detrimental and beneficial effects, throughout the lifespan. As in all the Annual Reviews, leading nurse researchers provide students, researchers, and clinicians with the foundations for evidence-based practice and further research.

Solid Ground

Solid Ground Author Sylvia Boorstein
ISBN-10 9781935209829
Release 2007-04-03
Pages 136
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Solid Ground: Buddhist Wisdom for Difficult Times is a lively and topical book that offers guidance on how to respond to the individual crises that inevitably arise in all of our lives as well as to the political, economic, and social challenges society is currently facing. The issue of difficulty in life is at the very essence of Buddhism. The first noble truth could certainly be translated as "life is full of difficulties." And the remaining noble truths could be seen as Buddhism’s analysis of our difficulties and of a path to working with them. Celebrated Buddhist teachers Sylvia Boorstein, Zoketsu Norman Fisher, and Tsoknyi Rinpoche use their diverse wisdom to address the immediate and practical concerns in our lives and to explore the most basic and profound questions of Buddhism: the difficulty of life in general and how we can work with that and ameliorate it. Filled with humor and personal stories, Solid Ground offers specific teachings for concrete situations as well as a way to explore the larger questions of finding equanimity in difficult times.


Illuminate Author Ryleigh McCaine
ISBN-10 9781329407381
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Illuminate has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Illuminate also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Illuminate book for free.


ON SOLID GROUND Author Jo Anne Meekins
ISBN-10 9781452033235
Release 2008-04-15
Pages 108
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If you have ever been at a loss for just the right words to express yourself in a sensitive situation or on a special occasion, ON SOLID GROUND: Inspirational Poetry for All Occasions is the perfect book for you! ON SOLID GROUND... is filled with tested and tried heartfelt expressions that cover a variety of occasions, including friendship, anniversaries, birthdays, retirement, promotion, bereavement, and church celebrations. This inspirational poetry collection includes 64 poems that are categorized into seven sections: Words Of 1) Encouragement 2) Challenge 3) Relationship 4) Tribute 5) Comfort 6) Testimony and 7) Ethnocentric Expressions. Each section opens with an introduction and all poems include a scripture reference from the King James Bible version. The combination of poems and scriptures contained in ON SOLID GROUND... will caress your soul and serve as a refreshing spiritual treat for your personal reading pleasure. Likewise, the hearts of diverse readers and hearers from youthful youngsters to seasoned seniors will be encouraged, making this book a wonderful all occasions gift for your family, friends, and special loved ones. (Habakkuk 2:2) "And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it."

Seeking the American Dream

Seeking the American Dream Author Robert C. Hauhart
ISBN-10 9781137540256
Release 2016-04-11
Pages 283
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Historically, the United States has been viewed by generations of immigrants as the land of opportunity, where through hard work one can prosper and make a better life. The American Dream is perhaps the United States’ most common export. For many Americans, though, questions remain about whether the American Dream can be achieved in the twenty-first century. Americans, faced with global competition and increased social complexity, wonder whether their dwindling natural resources, polarized national and local politics, and often unregulated capitalism can support the American Dream today. This book examines the ideas and experiences that have formed the American Dream, assesses its meaning for Americans, and evaluates its prospects for the future.

Teaching on Solid Ground

Teaching on Solid Ground Author Dominic Belmonte
ISBN-10 1412924634
Release 2005-12-08
Pages 156
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Using his trademark humor and encouraging style, the author explores the beginning teacher’s concerns with issues of instruction, curriculum, classroom management, and the rewards of teaching.

Seeking the Link

Seeking the Link Author Tim Capehart
ISBN-10 9781435703650
Release 2007-11-01
Pages 176
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Nearly half of the fourteen (+ one) stories in Seeking the Link have appeared elsewhere in print. Several won awards, of the local variety. Each is a short study in detail of a few moments in the lives of the ordinary people who inhabit the words. These often atmospheric stories are at turns quirky, moody, nostalgic, or pleasingly silly. All are written in a voice Ethan Mordden described as "surprisingly self assured." There's something to please everyone in Capehart's debut fiction collection.Two of these stories appeared in the Dayton Daily News "Leaving" and "Accidents." Two appeared in the online edition of the Dayton Daily News "Back Roads" and "Working to See the Cup." "Skipping Stones" appeared in The Wooster Review. "Pictures" was published first in Christopher Street and then translated into Dutch and published under the title "foto's" in Uitkomst.