Lean Six Sigma in Service

Lean Six Sigma in Service Author Sandra L. Furterer
ISBN-10 1420079107
Release 2016-04-19
Pages 468
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In real life, data is messy and doesn’t always fit into normal statistical distributions. This is especially true in service industries where the variables are, well, variable and directly related to and measured by the constantly changing needs of customers. As the breadth and depth of tools available has increased across the integrated Lean Six Sigma landscape, their integrated application has become more complex. Filled with case studies using real-world data, Lean Six Sigma in Service: Applications and Case Studies demonstrates how to integrate a suite of tools to make sense of an unstructured problem and focus on what is critical to customers. Using a clean, clear writing style that is not overly technical, the author describes the Six Sigma DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control) and Design for Six Sigma IDDOV (Identify-Define-Design-Optimize-Validate) problem solving approaches and how they can be applied to service and transaction-related processes. The case studies illustrate the application of Lean Six Sigma tools to a wide variety of processes and problems including, but not limited to financial process improvement, designing a recruiting process, managing a college’s assets, and improving educational processes. Examples of tools include Pareto analysis, cause and effect analysis, failure mode and effects analysis, statistical process control, SIPOC, process flow charts, project management tools, cost of quality analysis, and Lean tools, such as 5S, 8 wastes, and the 5 whys. Ultimately, the Lean Six Sigma team must show improvement against the metrics that assess customer satisfaction. This book includes strategies for integrating Lean Six Sigma tools into measurable improvement processes and eliminating the root causes of problems. With its inclusion of case studies and an alternative approach to the material, the book provides an instant understanding of how others have successfully applied Lean Six Sigma tools. This understanding then translates into processes that can be applied to any service organization.

Changing With Lean Six Sigma

Changing With Lean Six Sigma Author A. Aruleswaran
ISBN-10 9834458207
Release 2010-01
Pages 144
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Changing with Lean Six Sigma is different from the rest of the milieu in that it focuses more on how to change for the better using Lean Six Sigma as a tool rather than doing Lean Six Sigma for a change. It presents a unique and user-friendly description of the Lean Six Sigma methodology that cuts through all the lingo. The author points out to the fundamental questions organizations need to answer and deep diving into the structure needed to support a Lean Six Sigma change initiative, sharing a top consultant's often deeply held secrets on critical items needed to changing a company into a performing lean six sigma organization. Changing with Lean Six Sigma does not advocate Lean Six Sigma as a panacea for all business problems. It tells you where you can apply it and where not. The author also describes the various aspects of change that need to be managed during the initiative and the resultant benefits to the organization and to the individual change agents and champions. Illustrated with graphics that capture the essence of critical topics, Changing with Lean Six Sigma is imaginative as well as thought provoking. Written for senior executives who would want to know the basics of a Lean Six Sigma initiative and for executives responsible for operations, maintenance and service processes to know what to plan for before embarking on such an initiative. This book is also for the supervisors, mangers and a broad spectrum of corporate and entrepreneurial innovators who would be the change agents in a Lean Six Sigma initiative in the role of a Sponsor, Champion, Black Belt or Green Belt. Aruleswaran prepares the reader to embark on an effective Lean Six Sigma program through inductions on the philosophies, methodology and differences between going through the motions with Lean Six Sigma, and attempting to change a business in the usual way. This book is a must read for change agents, business leaders, and lean six sigma process experts.

Six Sigma

Six Sigma Author William Truscott
ISBN-10 9781136366444
Release 2012-05-04
Pages 272
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There are a number of distinctive features of this book that makes it different from other on Six Sigma. It recognizes that there are two diametrically opposing views expressed on Six Sigma, those that are strongly in favour, and those that are not, for various reasons. The book deals, head on, with the principle reasons for such hostility. It cuts through the hype associated with the brand name. It proposes simple remedies for certain defined frailties in the standard approach, particularly those related to the Sigma Measure that provides the brand name for the Six Sigma breakthrough strategy. The book is highly supportive of the Six Sigma continuous improvement process, provided it is tailored to the needs and expectations of a particular organization. The commitment and active participation of top management is emphasized, to ensure the necessary change in culture and priorities demanded, in most organizations. Practical guidance is given in the setting up, operating and developing the project by project approach across an organisation. The book also covers how to equip a critical mass of members in an organization with the core workforce competencies required to get the desired results. The book covers the realities of applying Six Sigma in a range of functions within an organization and also to various types of organizations from the manufacturing sector to commerce and public service. It demonstrates how statistical thinking, coupled with the application of technical and operational knowledge of processes and focus provided by Six Sigma, can considerably enhance quality, competitiveness, effectiveness and efficiency. Statistical process control is a tool, which enables both manufacturers and suppliers to achieve control of product quality by means of the application of statistical methods in the controlling process. This book gives the foundations of good quality management and process control, including an explanation of what quality is, and control of conformance and consistency during production. The text offers clear guidance and help to those unfamiliar with either quality control or statistical applications and coves all the necessary theory and techniques in a practical and non-mathematical manner. This book will be essential reading for anyone wishing to understand or implement modern statistical process control techniques.

Six Sigma SPC and TQM in Manufacturing and Services

Six Sigma  SPC and TQM in Manufacturing and Services Author Geoff Tennant
ISBN-10 9781351899802
Release 2017-07-05
Pages 160
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This book comprehensively explores all of the underlying issues and elements which, together, constitute one of the most successful quality and management programmes upon which companies such as Motorola and GE base their success - Six Sigma. The author was directly involved in implementing Six Sigma quality principles and practices into a European division of GE Capital, deploying this initiative in an entirely service-oriented business for the first time. Drawing from and reflecting on his experience, Geoff Tennant develops a reasoned exploration of the benefits that Six Sigma offers to any organization and what can be expected from start to finish. He investigates the relationship between Six Sigma and quality, customer satisfaction, business processes and organizational structure, statistics and analysis and process improvement methodologies. Aimed at quality professionals, senior management and directors, as well as practitioners and students of Six Sigma, Six Sigma: SPC and TQM in Manufacturing and Services provides an in-depth but highly readable insight into the quality initiative that is certain to sweep European companies as it has large and global American corporations.

Six Sigma

Six Sigma Author Loon Ching Tang
ISBN-10 9780470061992
Release 2007-04-04
Pages 426
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The 2007 winner of the Masing Book Prize sets out important Six Sigma concepts and a selection of up-to-date tools for quality improvement in industry. Six Sigma is a widely used methodology for measuring and improving an organization’s operational performance through a rigorous analysis of its practices and systems. This book presents a series of papers providing a systematic ‘roadmap’ for implementing Six Sigma, following the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control) phased approach. Motivated by actual problems, the authors offer insightful solutions to some of the most commonly encountered issues in Six Sigma projects, such as validation of normality, experimentation under constraints and statistical control of complex processes. They also include many examples and case studies to help readers learn how to apply the appropriate techniques to real-world problems. Key features: Provides a comprehensive introduction to Six Sigma, with a critical strategic assessment and a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis. Presents some prominent design features of Six Sigma, and a newly proposed roadmap for healthcare delivery. Sets out information on graphical tools, including fishbone diagrams, mind-maps, and reality trees. Gives a thorough treatment of process capability analysis for non-normal data. Discusses advanced tools for Six Sigma, such as statistical process control for autocorrelated data. Consolidating valuable methodologies for process optimization and quality improvement, Six Sigma: Advanced Tools for Black Belts and Master Black Belts is a unique reference for practising engineers in the electronics, defence, communications and energy industries. It is also useful for graduate students taking courses in quality assurance.

Lean Six Sigma

Lean   Six Sigma Author Michael Hartung
ISBN-10 9783839149317
Release 2010-01
Pages 180
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This book is a comprehensive guideline for the Management of processes and quality by applying LEAN and SIX SIGMA. It includes various statistical tools and applications for Minitab. Additional several Management tools and models are presented, useful in combination with a SIX SIGMA approach. Lean - SIX SIGMA is a powerful tool for Management and improvements in efficiencies to be applied on all levels in an organization. SIX SIGMA is also used to solve complex problems in the process or can be developed as a company value or company culture, dedicated to quality and change. With the necessary support by Senior Management all key staff members in the company should familiar with the methodologies presented here to achieve the benefits from Lean - SIX SIGMA.

Lean Six Sigma For Dummies

Lean Six Sigma For Dummies Author John Morgan
ISBN-10 9781119073819
Release 2015-10-08
Pages 368
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Maximise the quality and efficiency of your organisation with Lean Six Sigma Are you looking to make your organisation more effective and productive? If you answered "yes," you need to change the way it thinks. Combining the leading improvement methods of Six Sigma and Lean, this winning technique drives performance to the next level—and this friendly and accessible guide shows you how. The third edition of Lean Six Sigma For Dummies outlines the key concepts of this strategy and explains how you can use it to get the very best out of your team and your business. The jargon-crowded language and theory of Lean Six Sigma can be intimidating for both beginners and experienced users. Written in plain English and packed with lots of helpful examples, this easy-to-follow guide arms you with tools and techniques for implementing Lean Six Sigma and offers guidance on everything from policy deployment to managing change in your organisation—and everything in between. Gives you plain-English explanations of complicated jargon Serves as a useful tool for businesspeople looking to make their organisation more effective Helps you achieve goals with ease and confidence Provides useful hands-on checklists Whether you want to manage a project more tightly or fine-tune existing systems and processes, the third edition of Lean Six Sigma For Dummies makes it easier to achieve your business goals.

Best Practices in Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement

Best Practices in Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement Author Richard J. Schonberger
ISBN-10 0470223758
Release 2008-03-03
Pages 304
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Best Practices in Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement reveals how to refocus lean/six sigma processes on what author Richard Schonberger—world-renowned process improvement pioneer—calls "the Golden Goals": better quality, quicker response, greater flexibility, and higher value. This manual shows you how it can be done, employing success stories of over 100 companies including Apple, Illinois Tool Works, Dell, Inc., and Wal-Mart, all of which have established themselves as the new, global "Kings of Lean," surpassing even Toyota in long-term improvement.

Practitioner s Guide to Statistics and Lean Six Sigma for Process Improvements

Practitioner s Guide to Statistics and Lean Six Sigma for Process Improvements Author Mikel J. Harry
ISBN-10 9781118210215
Release 2011-09-20
Pages 832
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This hands-on book presents a complete understanding of Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma through data analysis and statistical concepts In today's business world, Six Sigma, or Lean Six Sigma, is a crucial tool utilized by companies to improve customer satisfaction, increase profitability, and enhance productivity. Practitioner's Guide to Statistics and Lean Six Sigma for Process Improvements provides a balanced approach to quantitative and qualitative statistics using Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma methodologies. Emphasizing applications and the implementation of data analyses as they relate to this strategy for business management, this book introduces readers to the concepts and techniques for solving problems and improving managerial processes using Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma. Written by knowledgeable professionals working in the field today, the book offers thorough coverage of the statistical topics related to effective Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma practices, including: Discrete random variables and continuous random variables Sampling distributions Estimation and hypothesis tests Chi-square tests Analysis of variance Linear and multiple regression Measurement analysis Survey methods and sampling techniques The authors provide numerous opportunities for readers to test their understanding of the presented material, as the real data sets, which are incorporated into the treatment of each topic, can be easily worked with using Microsoft Office Excel, Minitab, MindPro, or Oracle's Crystal Ball software packages. Examples of successful, complete Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma projects are supplied in many chapters along with extensive exercises that range in level of complexity. The book is accompanied by an extensive FTP site that features manuals for working with the discussed software packages along with additional exercises and data sets. In addition, numerous screenshots and figures guide readers through the functional and visual methods of learning Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma. Practitioner's Guide to Statistics and Lean Six Sigma for Process Improvements is an excellent book for courses on Six Sigma and statistical quality control at the upper-undergraduate and graduate levels. It is also a valuable reference for professionals in the fields of engineering, business, physics, management, and finance.

Six Sigma for the Shop Floor

Six Sigma for the Shop Floor Author Roderick A. Munro
ISBN-10 0873895169
Release 2002
Pages 192
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Written specifically to be used daily by the workers on the shop floor, Six Sigma for the Shop Floor provides a very basic introduction to the Six Sigma process. By focusing on the problem solving nature of Six Sigma, author Roderick Munro explains how these principals should be used in conjunction with daily work. This convenient, pocket-sized book can be easily used on the shop floor, and clarifies the confusing obuzzo terms surrounding Six Sigma by explaining how to manage the tools currently being used to meet Six Sigma requirements. Six Sigma for the Shop Floor will explain the principles to the operators, and help map the problem-solving activities leading to Six Sigma projects. An excellent, concise presentation of key elements in Quality Control that generate cost savings without the mystery. Problem solving issues can now be resolved once and for all without the fear of being repeated by following Dr. Munro's advice. u Tom Latka, Vice-President L & L Industries, Inc. Munro's pocket guide presents the elements and techniques of a Six-Sigma program in a concise understandable manner. - Donald J. Wheeler, Ph.D. Consulting Statistician Statistical Process Controls, Inc./SPC Press.

World Class Applications of Six Sigma

World Class Applications of Six Sigma Author Jiju Antony
ISBN-10 9780750664592
Release 2006
Pages 241
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World Class Applications shows what real organisations have done to implement Six Sigma, the methodology used, and the results delivered. The book provides details of how these organisations overcame issues with the statistical tools of Six Sigma and provides valuable lessons by explaining what went wrong when implementation failed. Cases cover topics including: Six Sigma in HR; Implementing Six Sigma in the Dow Chemical company; Six Sigma in IT; and Six Sigma to improve reporting quality. *Demonstrates how Six Sigma has been applied through real-life case studies *Examples from well-known manufacturing and service companies around the world, including Motorolla and Dow Chemical *Estimates the financial savings made from implementing Six Sigma in each case study

Design for Six Sigma

Design for Six Sigma Author Geoff Tennant
ISBN-10 0566084341
Release 2002-01-01
Pages 195
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Six Sigma provides an overarching concept, methodology and the tools to improve quality and customer satisfaction, thereby increasing profitability. This book moves beyond applying Six Sigma to already exisiting products and services to quantifying, designing and measuring success in from the start.Most new ideas are launched on the market without taking customer needs into account. Failings are discovered in the marketplace where products or services then have to be refined and redesigned - indeed perhaps some 80% of new products or services will fail altogether. By using the Six Sigma approach to designing new products and services the chances of failure are greatly reduced. Six Sigma encourages innovation within a controlled framework, leading to better products and services brought to the marketplace more quickly.This book aims to provide a detailed resource of guidance and inspiration covering all the aspects of business strategy, product/service design, project management and execution necessary for the successful introduction of new products and services, all under the auspices of a customer-focused Six Sigma approach. Moreover it provides a tangible way of measuring satisfaction and the success of the new.

Accelerating Lean Six Sigma Results

Accelerating Lean Six Sigma Results Author Terence T. Burton
ISBN-10 9781604270549
Release 2011-01-15
Pages 432
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This title provides real direction on organizational improvement initiatives. It includes sections on leadership, business infrastructure and new applications to key strategic areas of the business.

Implementing Six Sigma

Implementing Six Sigma Author Forrest W. Breyfogle, III
ISBN-10 0471476323
Release 2003-11-24
Pages 1232
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Includes new and expanded coverage of Six Sigma infrastructure building and benchmarking. Provides plans, checklists, metrics, and pitfalls.

Six Sigma Basic Steps Implementation

Six Sigma  Basic Steps   Implementation Author Fred Soleimannejed
ISBN-10 9781418448011
Release 2004-05
Pages 248
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The Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt Handbook

The Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt Handbook Author T. M. Kubiak
ISBN-10 9780873898058
Release 2012-04-06
Pages 672
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This book has been created to reflect the most current thinking among key Six Sigma leaders regarding what should be contained in the ASQ Master Black Belt Body of Knowledge (BoK). For quick reference and ease of use, chapter and section numbering exactly mirrors that of the BoK. The primary audience for this work is the individual who plans to prepare to sit for the Six Sigma Master Black Belt certification examination. Therefore, this book assumes the individual has the necessary educational background and experience in quality and Lean Six Sigma. Concepts are dealt with briefly, but supplemented with practical examples. Theoretical discussion has been avoided unless such a discussion was necessary to communicate a concept. A secondary audience for the handbook is the quality and Six Sigma professional who would like a relevant Lean Six Sigma reference book. With this audience in mind, some material has been expanded beyond what the Body of Knowledge requires. The CD accompanying the print book and at the end of the e-book versions includes a practice problem set covering each part of the book and a simulated examination that has problems distributed among parts according to the scheme published in the Body of Knowledge.

Demystifying Six Sigma

Demystifying Six Sigma Author Alan Larson
ISBN-10 0814427146
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 191
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When an entire organization is reaching the highest quality standards, the result is a Six Sigma culture