Teaching on solid ground

Teaching on solid ground Author Robert J. Menges
ISBN-10 UOM:39015037857060
Release 1996
Pages 406
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An excellent book for faculty who regard teaching as more than a set of techniques. Menges and Weimer focus on connecting teaching with student learning, and they help faculty develop a systematic inquiry into teaching strategies, as well as showing them how to better utilize students assessment in the classroom. ?Larry Braskamp, dean of the College of Education, University of Illinois, Chicago

Teaching on Solid Ground

Teaching on Solid Ground Author Dominic Belmonte
ISBN-10 1412924634
Release 2005-12-08
Pages 156
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Using his trademark humor and encouraging style, the author explores the beginning teacher’s concerns with issues of instruction, curriculum, classroom management, and the rewards of teaching.

On Solid Ground

On Solid Ground Author Sharon Taberski
ISBN-10 0325002274
Release 2000
Pages 219
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On Solid Ground is informed by current thinking, yet loaded with advice, booklists, ready-to-use reproducibles, and - of course - the words and work of real children.

From Swamp to Solid Ground

From Swamp to Solid Ground Author Dave McCasland
ISBN-10 0882071890
Release 1980
Pages 64
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From Swamp to Solid Ground has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from From Swamp to Solid Ground also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full From Swamp to Solid Ground book for free.

Solid Ground

Solid Ground Author Sylvia Boorstein
ISBN-10 9781935209812
Release 2011-04-26
Pages 136
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'Solid Ground' is a lively and topical book that offers guidance on how to respond to the individual crises that inevitably arise in all of our lives as well as to the political, economic and social challenges society is currently facing.

Hosts and the Research on Solid Ground

Hosts and the Research on Solid Ground Author
ISBN-10 OCLC:952716636
Release 2001
Pages 36
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Hosts and the Research on Solid Ground has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Hosts and the Research on Solid Ground also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Hosts and the Research on Solid Ground book for free.

Practical Magic

Practical Magic Author John E. Roueche
ISBN-10 9780871173355
Release 2003
Pages 199
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What constitutes excellent teaching? To answer this question, these noted experts went straight to the thousands of teachers who have been recognized for excellence-recipients of teaching excellence awards-and asked them. Their answers, which the authors have put into context with history and research, make for a book that is as inspiring as it is informative, shedding new light on both the definable and the simply magical components of good teaching. ... Publisher description.


ON SOLID GROUND Author Jo Anne Meekins
ISBN-10 9781452033235
Release 2008-04-15
Pages 108
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If you have ever been at a loss for just the right words to express yourself in a sensitive situation or on a special occasion, ON SOLID GROUND: Inspirational Poetry for All Occasions is the perfect book for you! ON SOLID GROUND... is filled with tested and tried heartfelt expressions that cover a variety of occasions, including friendship, anniversaries, birthdays, retirement, promotion, bereavement, and church celebrations. This inspirational poetry collection includes 64 poems that are categorized into seven sections: Words Of 1) Encouragement 2) Challenge 3) Relationship 4) Tribute 5) Comfort 6) Testimony and 7) Ethnocentric Expressions. Each section opens with an introduction and all poems include a scripture reference from the King James Bible version. The combination of poems and scriptures contained in ON SOLID GROUND... will caress your soul and serve as a refreshing spiritual treat for your personal reading pleasure. Likewise, the hearts of diverse readers and hearers from youthful youngsters to seasoned seniors will be encouraged, making this book a wonderful all occasions gift for your family, friends, and special loved ones. (Habakkuk 2:2) "And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it."

Redesigning Teacher Education

Redesigning Teacher Education Author Alan R. Tom
ISBN-10 0791434699
Release 1997
Pages 295
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Explores the shortcomings of teacher education and proposes design principles for rethinking teacher preparation. Establishes a reform agenda for teacher education faculties. "Alan Tom is among the best at relating important issues in teacher education and a critical reading of the literature with his own professional experience. This book is ambitious. It lives up to the claim of examining political and institutional problems along with conceptual and intellectual ones. This is something few teacher educators attempt and is a critical area to open up for sustained analysis. Drawing upon events from his career as a teacher educator, Alan R. Tom candidly analyzes the predominant criticisms of teacher education and rejects the common tendency to infer the teacher education curriculum from such ideas as metaphors for teaching or knowledge. He proposes eleven design principles to serve as a reform agenda including creating programs capable of self-renewal, having faculty model the desired image and skills of teaching, and rethinking the sequence of practice and theory. Each principle identifies a differing dimension for the conceptual and structural redesign of teacher preparation. Four specific change strategies are evaluated as well: task force, top-down, piloting, and family style. The low status of teacher educators and the excessive regulation of teacher education are also examined, as is the failure to give adequate attention to the administrative organization for teacher education.

Teaching Communication

Teaching Communication Author Anita L. Vangelisti
ISBN-10 9781136684531
Release 2013-11-05
Pages 584
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The field of communication was founded, in part, because of a need to make people better communicators. That meant teaching them how to communicate more effectively, whether it be in public settings or in private. Most of that teaching has happened within the classroom and many professionals have spent their lives instructing others on various aspects of communication. Inside this second edition, the editors have assembled a fully comprehensive and contemporary discussion of topics and issues concerning the teaching of communication. The chapters contained herein--contributed by key voices throughout the communication discipline--address conceptual as well as practical issues related to communication instruction. The contents of this new edition reflect the dramatic changes that have occurred in communication education since the publication of the first edition in 1990. This book focuses initially on the goals of communication education, then delves into the preparation of specific communication courses. It includes assistance for instructors in organizing instructional content and discusses the use of instructional strategies and tools, as well as offering ideas on evaluating the processes and products of instruction. The volume also covers unique teaching assignments that may be encountered, from the basic course to continuing education, and addresses 2-year college teaching, directing forensic programs, distance education, and consulting. It concludes with important professional issues faced by both new and experienced communication instructors, including ethics and political issues within classrooms and departments. This volume is a necessity for anyone starting out a career as a communication instructor. Veteran educators--who know that learning to teach is a continual growth experience--will find useful and invaluable information within the book's pages. Whatever background and level of experience, all communication educators will find this new edition to be an essential resource for their work.

Teaching History at University

Teaching History at University Author Alan Booth
ISBN-10 0415305365
Release 2003
Pages 202
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Alan Booth draws on a wide range of international research as well as the reflections and experiences of university historians, linking theory and practice. Teaching History at University examines how high-quality history teaching and learning can be achieved in today's universities worldwide. This is an essential resource for university teachers and all those who are responsible for ensuring the quality of teaching and learning policies and practices within their institutions.

Being and Becoming a Management Education Scholar

Being and Becoming a Management Education Scholar Author Charles Wankel, Ph.D.
ISBN-10 9781607523482
Release 2010-01-01
Pages 195
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Being and Becoming a Management Education Scholar is a volume that is comprised of reports by the scholars leading the main research publication venues in the discipline of management on what it takes to succeed in academic management education and development scholarship, presenting perspectives on the opportunities, constraints and requirements of contemporary research in management education. Issues that are discussed in this volume include: the changing career implications of coming to be a researcher on management education rather than on management topics, leveraging leadership roles in management education scholarship and its venues including journals, book series, handbooks, textbooks and scholarly societies. The chapter authors address these issues through research grounded in personal biography, institutional history, and critical reflection.

Lessons from the Ground Up

Lessons from the Ground Up Author Sharon Taberski
ISBN-10 0325037531
Release 2011-01
Pages 64
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"...organized around the five areas, or pillars, of reading instruction that lie at the center of comprehension: accurate fluent reading, background knowledge, oral language and vocabulary, reading-writing connections, [and] repertoire of strategies" -- Folder.

Writing Teaching and Researching History in the Electronic Age

Writing  Teaching and Researching History in the Electronic Age Author Dennis A. Trinkle
ISBN-10 9781317451433
Release 2015-04-29
Pages 268
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This volume focuses on the role of the computer and electronic technology in the discipline of history. It includes representative articles addressing H-Net, scholarly publication, on-line reviewing, enhanced lectures using the World Wide Web, and historical research.

Solid Ground

Solid Ground Author Mark Finley
ISBN-10 082801731X
Release 2003
Pages 400
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This daily devotional is filled with inspirational true-life stories and personal testimonies from heroes of faith throughout history. You will meet transformed men and women whose love for God led them beyond failure to spiritual success. Start your day on solid ground with these powerful stories.

College Bound on Solid Ground

College Bound on Solid Ground Author Kelsey Phillips
ISBN-10 9781632322487
Release 2014-05-28
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College challenges who you are and what you believe. If you are on your way to or already in college, this book will give you all the tools you need to be successful, safe, and solid in your faith throughout your college experience and beyond. Author Kelsey Phillips provides a wide variety of biblical, statistical, and practical information, including: • The critical need to grow in your relationship with God and other believers during college • Ways to grow in the areas in which Jesus grew as a young adult: wisdom, stature, and in favor with God and men • An overview of the many other belief systems you may encounter • How to create a workable course schedule • Choosing a major • Study tips and tricks • Being a good roommate • Dating wisely • Making the most of existing and new relationships • How to stay healthy • Avoiding pitfalls like alcohol, drugs, and date rape • 101 crazy, fun, and random things to do. If you want to make yours the best possible college experience, this book is a must-read for you.

Trainer for A Day

Trainer for A Day Author Margaret Murphy
ISBN-10 9781562865245
Release 2008-04-01
Pages 16
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You don't need to be a professional trainer to deliver a great training session. With a basic knowledge of adult learner preferences and instructional design, anyone can deliver engaging and useful training. This Infoline is designed with the 'occasional' trainer in mind. You will learn the basic principles of adult learning, how to write clear objectives, and well as a variety of instructional methods that are at your disposal. This Infoline, give you the knowledge and confidence to deliver a successful training program.