The Greatest Stock Picks of All Time

The Greatest Stock Picks of All Time Author W. Randall Jones
ISBN-10 0307422070
Release 2007-12-18
Pages 288
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Worth magazine founder Randy Jones shows how to pick the best stocks of the future by learning the lessons of the greatest stocks of all time. In a turbulent investing environment, luck must be the only way to score in the stock market, right? Not so, says Randy Jones. The people who bought McDonald’s in 1965 or Chrysler in 1980 weren’t just fortunate. Most of them knew how to read the signs of a good stock and jumped on the opportunity. Such stocks exist in every economic climate, and Jones shows readers exactly how to find them. In The Greatest Stock Picks of All Time, Jones describes twenty-five of the best stock picks ever and explains what made them great. He shows how the smartest investors find companies that are about to zoom, giving readers a framework for analyzing stocks today. For example, Jones explains why AT&T was a great stock pick in the 1920s, Polaroid in the 1940s, Xerox in the 1950s, Teledyne in the 1970s, and Intel in the 1990s. He then guides readers to discover stocks that represent the same kinds of pathbreaking products, innovative business models, great management teams, and other harbingers of success that will certainly be characteristic of the great stock picks of tomorrow. The Greatest Stock Picks of All Time has invaluable lessons for anyone in the market today. “Today a lot of people think they should murder their brokers, but my advice is don’t. You can stay out of jail and make a lot of money by learning from the greatest stocks of the last century and by heeding this advice for your future investments.” —Dominick Dunne From the Trade Paperback edition.

Stocking Up on Sin

Stocking Up on Sin Author Caroline Waxler
ISBN-10 9780471655916
Release 2004-04-05
Pages 288
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A one-of-a-kind guide to investing in vice industries Although vices such as alcohol, tobacco, and gambling may be deemed socially irresponsible, in the investment world, these stocks continue to dramatically outperform the S&P 500 in this depressed market. Stocking Up on Sin shows readers how to get in on this hot investment trend and make the most out of publicly traded companies that deal with "vice" products such as coffee, weapons, alcohol, and tobacco. Caroline Waxler (New York, NY) is a New York-based financial journalist. She contributes regularly to Worth and Glamour magazines as well as the Financial Times. She was also the ghostwriter for Worth's Greatest Stock Picks of All Time.

What Wall Street Doesn t Want You to Know

What Wall Street Doesn t Want You to Know Author Larry E. Swedroe
ISBN-10 9781429909341
Release 2007-04-01
Pages 379
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Why do so many actively managed funds underperform? Why do passively managed funds provide superior returns, especially after taxes? What are the true interests of fund managers and the financial press? Most important, what strategy is in your best interest? What Wall Street Doesn't Want You to Know answers all these questions and more, giving you the inside information you need to become a successful investor who plays the winner's game-creating wealth-instead of the loser's game Wall Street wants you to play, of trying to pick stocks and time the market. In his revolutionary new guide, investment professional Larry Swedroe explains why active managers have rarely been able to add value to your portfolio over time. He dispenses with traditional Wall Street wisdom and experts and shows you how to invest the way really smart money invests today. What Wall Street Doesn't Want You to Know tells you exactly what Wall Street doesn't want you to know: how to avoid the pitfalls of short-term thinking and to invest so that you can create more wealth-much more wealth-over the long term.

The Jubak Picks

The Jubak Picks Author Jim Jubak
ISBN-10 9780307449825
Release 2008-12-30
Pages 352
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The Investing Strategy for All Seasons The Jubak Picks enables you to play great offense and great defense: to make money in the stock market in good times, to protect yourself during downturns, and to reap the biggest profits when the good times return. In good times, Jubak’s strategy beats the market, delivering an amazing return of 360 percent over an eleven-year period. Compare that to the S&P 500 Stock Index return of 68 percent and we are talking about real money in your pocket. But times aren’t always good and no investor can make money all the time. When stocks plunge during a grinding bear market, you need a strategy for playing great defense that preserves capital, so you can pounce when good buying opportunities present themselves. And best of all, Jubak’s strategy tells what ten trends and fifty stocks will make you the most money when the market rebounds. Jim Jubak’s top-down stock-picking method is based on being in the right asset at the right time, ensuring that your portfolio is composed of stocks with the wind at their back and that are trending upward. He shows how to find the best stocks by first understanding ten macro trends changing the world, including: • The economies—Brazil, Russia, Vietnam, India, China, and the “rest of the gang”—driving global demand • The return of inflation—and the end of the thirty-year era of low prices • The rising tide of retirement money in an older and wealthier world—and the crucial need for companies that can properly manage it • The commodities crunch in a world ever more hungry for natural resources • The end of cheap oil • Food as the “new oil” • The decline in global financial stability and the increasing value of safe investing havens • The world finally getting serious about the environment and global warming Why heed Jim Jubak and his method? • Start with the record: Returns that have beaten all major indices by a significant factor for more than a decade...and in bad times, such as the bear market of 2007-2008, losses that are just one-third those of the major indices. • Factor in transparency: Unlike those who tell you the hot stocks for today but conveniently forget them tomorrow, the decade-long record—triumphs, warts, and lessons—is on (“Jubak’s Journal”). • Add in continual updates: Jubak will provide continual updates on of his fifty picks, providing a real-time assessment of stocks that are keepers and those that should be sold. From the Hardcover edition.

Der B rse einen Schritt voraus

Der B  rse einen Schritt voraus Author Peter Lynch
ISBN-10 3938350512
Release 2007
Pages 397
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Der B rse einen Schritt voraus has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Der B rse einen Schritt voraus also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Der B rse einen Schritt voraus book for free.


Superinvestors Author Matthew Partridge
ISBN-10 9780857195982
Release 2017-06-26
Pages 264
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Superinvestors has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Superinvestors also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Superinvestors book for free.

Safe Money Millionaire

Safe Money Millionaire Author Brett Kitchen
ISBN-10 9781600379758
Release 2011-08-01
Pages 142
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The "Safe Money Millionaire" debunks the financial wisdom that has cost Americans trillions in losses in the stock market. Now more than ever baby boomers and Americans saving for retirement are looking for safety for their money rather than chasing returns on Wall Street. In this book we crush the financial myths ranging from 401(k)’s being a good place for retirement savings, to diversifying with Mutual Funds, to keeping your credit score high and getting a low interest rate. The solution is a predictable, easy to follow plan to growing wealthy without risking money on Wall Street, reducing or eliminating interest paid to banks and credit card companies, plus protecting yourself from taxes that can ravage retirement savings in qualified plans.

Great Book of Domino Games

Great Book of Domino Games Author Jennifer A. Kelley
ISBN-10 0806942592
Release 1999
Pages 95
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Explains how to play such domino games as stretch, doubles, muggins, sniff, plunge, polka dots, and the sultan

Profit from Prices

Profit from Prices Author Jayesh Patel, CFA
Release 2007-08-30
Pages 184
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Profit From Prices, a book for stock market traders, teaches how to find stocks to buy or sell and when. The simple premise of this book is that everybody knows something about something, but the market is the only one who knows everything about everything. The market is the sum total of all the players. For any stock, it knows at any point in time every piece of news- public or private, every expectation held by every individual as well as every trade executed in that stock. All this enormous amount of information held by market is available in one simple number- the current stock price. You maybe wondering: Is it really possible to trade stocks just by looking at prices? Yes. It is and this is what this book is about. By learning some simple techniques, you also can profit from prices. Download the preview version from http: // and decide yourself. Most readers have rated this book as one of the best practical books on stock market trading

The Good Financial Advisor

The Good Financial Advisor Author Dennis Morin
ISBN-10 9781598586268
Release 2008-08
Pages 348
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The Good Financial Advisor Nearly everyone dreams of achieving financial independence, the culmination of wealth accumulation that allows us to work because we want to, not because we have to. And everyone deserves a chance to realize their dreams. You can attempt to reach financial independence on your own, a difficult but doable task, filled with rewards when successfully completed. Or, you can choose to use the services of a competent, experienced and ethical professional, a person I call the Good Financial Advisor, who can be your guide on the journey. This book is written for those who want to use the services of the Good Financial Advisor, but need help in finding and working with the right person. If you are ready to find your Good Financial Advisor and begin the journey to financial independence, read on and prepare for a change in your life. With this book, you will now have the ability to understand the world of financial services and financial advisors in order to achieve the goals important to you. A wonderful and financially secure future awaits you. Dennis L. Morin is a Certified Financial Planner(r) who runs his own financial services business in CT. He has over 20 years experience in finance and investing, and spent ten years in corporate finance prior to starting his own business. The financial planning profession is his passion.

Jesse Livermore das Spiel der Spiele

Jesse Livermore  das Spiel der Spiele Author Edwin Lefèvre
ISBN-10 3930851040
Release 1999
Pages 479
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Jesse Livermore das Spiel der Spiele has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Jesse Livermore das Spiel der Spiele also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Jesse Livermore das Spiel der Spiele book for free.

B rsenerfolg ist kein Zufall

B  rsenerfolg ist kein Zufall Author Burton G. Malkiel
ISBN-10 3932114345
Release 2000-01
Pages 411
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B rsenerfolg ist kein Zufall has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from B rsenerfolg ist kein Zufall also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full B rsenerfolg ist kein Zufall book for free.

Wall Street Versus America

Wall Street Versus America Author Gary Weiss
ISBN-10 9781101216316
Release 2007-05-29
Pages 320
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A shocking appraisal that shows how Wall Street is intrinsically corrupt—and what individual investors can do to protect themselves For several years high-profile corporate wrongdoers have been vilified by the media. Yet the problem, according to Gary Weiss, is not just a few isolated instances of malfeasance. The problem is in the very fabric of Wall Street and its practices that enable and even encourage corruption—practices that are so pervasive and so difficult to combat that they are in effect perfect crimes, with the small investor left holding the bag. In this blistering report from the front, Weiss describes how the ethos of Mafia chophouses, boiler rooms, and penny stock peddlers now permeates all of Wall Street. Protected from investor lawsuits by laughably corrupt arbitration systems, Wall Street firms are free to fleece unsuspecting clients with little or no risk. But as this empowering book shows, ordinary investors can fight back and come out on top—if they learn to recognize warning signs, filter media chatter, and spot looming corporate meltdowns in advance. Prepare to be surprised, get angry, and then get even. Wall Street Versus America is a wild ride you can’t afford to miss.

New York Times Film Reviews Best Picture Picks from the 1970s

New York Times Film Reviews  Best Picture Picks from the 1970s Author New York Times
ISBN-10 9781625398888
Release 2012-11-14
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This e-single compiles a selection of film reviews from The New York Times, focusing on Academy Award nominees and winners for Best Picture from 1970 to 1979. It includes both well-deserved winners, like The Godfather and Annie Hall, as well as notable films that did not win the award, including A Clockwork Orange and Network. ?

Index Investing For Dummies

Index Investing For Dummies Author Russell Wild
ISBN-10 0470465344
Release 2009-01-06
Pages 364
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A recommended, proven way to broaden portfolios and profits Recommended by finance experts and used extensively by institutional investors, index funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) provide unmanaged, diversified exposure to a variety of asset classes. Index Investing For Dummies shows active investors how to add index investments to their portfolios and make the most of their money, while protecting their assets. It features plain-English information on the different types of index funds and their advantage over other funds, getting started in index investing, using index funds for asset allocation, understanding returns and risk, diversifying among fund holdings, and applying winning strategies for maximum profit.

The Successful Investor Today

The Successful Investor Today Author Larry E. Swedroe
ISBN-10 9781429909365
Release 2007-04-01
Pages 336
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What does it take to achieve superior performance and become a successful investor? Rather than great stock pricing or market timing skills, it is far better for you to understand how the markets work and how to make them work best for you. Larry E. Swedroe argues that the right strategy never changes, no matter whether the bull is stampeding or the bear has emerged from hibernation. The Successful Investor Today was written during one of the greatest bear markets of the post-World War II era--a bear market that was a result of the inevitable bursting of the technology-led bubble of the late 1990s (what Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan called "irrational exuberance"). Although millions of investors unnecessarily incurred trillions of dollars in losses, neither this bubble, nor the ensuing devastating losses, were anything new. Despite all the horrible investment experiences that have been reported, those investors who followed the fourteen simple truths outlined in this book--including the building of globally diversified portfolios-did not suffer the devastating losses experienced by many others. The fourteen simple truths withstand the tests of logic and time in the way the stock market really works, rather than the way Wall Street and the media would have you believe it works. Since it is generally held that those who fail to plan, plan to fail, an investor must begin with an investment plan. Your plan should be tailored to conform to your unique ability, willingness, and need to take risk. In The Successful Investor Today, you will learn how to build, write, implement, and manage your investment plan over time. This book will help you become a better and more informed investor, and it will help you achieve your financial goals by gradually increasing your wealth. Apart from offering an up-to-date winning strategy, The Successful Investor Today presents an efficient and proven way to avoid the most common--and costly--mistakes investors continue to make.

The Great American Dividend Machine

The Great American Dividend Machine Author Bill Spetrino
ISBN-10 9781630060336
Release 2015-02-10
Pages 208
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Bill Spetrino was just an ordinary accountant more than 20 years ago when he discovered the best investment secret ever. Bill calls his secret “the dividend machine” -- and he has been sharing his secrets with hundreds of thousands of investors who have subscribed to his popular Dividend Machine newsletter, rated by Hulbert Digest as the #1 low risk investment letter. But many readers asked Bill to write a book about his secret and how ordinary investors can become millionaires just like him. Bill did just that. Now his new The Great American Dividend Machine reveals his own story, and how he went from becoming a middle-class accountant to having a net worth exceeding more than $5 million! Traders who jump from stock to stock in the hunt for a major Wall Street score often lose money or, at best, break even. That's not an acceptable fate for the retirement nest egg or for Bill. Instead, true investors trust Bill Spetrino's proven advice: "Keep investments boring and the rest of life fun and exciting." By valuing safety and income above all else, Spetrino guides the reader through the process of unearthing true bargains in the marketplace. Adhering to the author's model, The Great American Dividend Machine portfolio is composed of stocks that he picks using his unique system. The companies that pass Spetrino's rigorous, multi-step vetting process must have a number of key characteristics, such as: Resonant brand names Strong, competitive advantages in their industries Pristine balance sheets Capital to help survive and thrive in difficult markets Bill believes anyone can become a millionaire by ignoring the Wall Street pros and using his time-tested strategies.