We Came Back to Jesus

We Came Back to Jesus Author Bob Lord
ISBN-10 0926143042
Release 1988
Pages 205
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Bob & Penny Lord's account of how they turned their backs on God, after the death of their nineteen year old son to an overdose of drugs in 1971. Walk with them as they open the old wounds that had been safely stored away, the past, the days of tears, fears & darkness. Experience the joy of reconciliation, of resurrection, as they felt the strong pull back to the Church. "The book combined their recognition of God's mysterious Providence with a passionate hymn of praise honoring God as their Redeemer. 'For all the brothers & sisters whom You have used to weave the fabric of our lives in Your service, we thank You, Jesus.' "They have become modern Franciscans...Like St. Francis, the Lords bravely sold their thriving business, & worked in their chosen apostolate. "I invite all fellow souls to read WE CAME BACK TO JESUS, to share their journey. Their life is a living example of the poet's 'We are put on earth a little space apart, & made to bear the beams of love.' May the beams of light shining from their journey continue to grace those souls around this remarkable couple - that light certainly surrounds this book."--Kenneth G. Klassen - The Wanderer. For further information or to order, phone 1-800-633-2484.

2012 The Year Jesus Yeshua Finally Came Back to Earth

2012   The Year Jesus  Yeshua  Finally Came Back to Earth Author Dante P. Chelossi Jr.
ISBN-10 9781466952218
Release 2012-09-13
Pages 312
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This controversial subject matter about the return of Jesus (Yeshua) to earth in modern times to come face-to-face with humanity once again after almost twenty centuries has been something thought about and anticipated by millions of people since the time of his physical departure. There is also the human curiosity about what would happen if and when he did actually return to earth. There have been many times when this event was predicted over the centuries, about when he would arrive, and every time, it did not happen. Patience and faith still continued afterwards, after much disappointment of the believers. This hope of his return is embedded within the souls of millions of people on our planet. Even though this story in this book is fiction, it will still make the reader wonder about how he or she would react if someone were to show up one day in the near future, on a world stage, and declare that he is indeed the very same man that modern-day people call Jesus (Yeshua), who was crucified on a wooden cross almost two thousand years ago by the Romans. Certainly, unarguable proof from this man claiming to be Jesus (Yeshua) would need to be so utterly convincing that even nonbelievers who are not necessarily religious would be convinced without argument. The author will be able to show an event that he has created in this book and prove to anyone that if this event were to actually happen before their eyes, it would be hard for them to deny that this person is, in fact, who he claims to be. This event is so extraordinary and unbelievable that denial that this person is Jesus (Yeshua) would be impossible!

Come Back to Jesus and Don t Bring Your Blackberry

Come Back to Jesus   and Don   t Bring Your Blackberry Author Tanya Logan
ISBN-10 9781449782061
Release 2013-01-23
Pages 120
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Have you drifted away from the faith? Or has life gotten in the way? Whether your time is cluttered by busyness, relationships, hurts, or addictions, you can reach new dimensions through reading and reflection as you study Come Back to Jesus. Dig deep into Scripture to find the answers that are already there waiting for you. Share more fully in the life of Christ. God wants to spend time with you; He’s already waiting for your response. Come Back to Jesus offers a powerful, renewing experience that builds on the gifts God gave you for ministry. First, you will explore your life to find the time-stealers that keep you from worshipping God as much as you would like. Next, you’ll be able to root them out and start afresh with prayer, centering yourself in the Word. You can explore our wrong desires, things that could lead you back off the “narrow path.” You’ll have a chance to open up to God and practice being in His presence, remembering when He has been especially real for you. Experience the love of the Lord like you may never have before. Read the book as a personal growth guide, or use it as a six-week Bible study, and share insights and encouragement with your small group.

One Month to Live

One Month to Live Author Kerry Shook
ISBN-10 9780307444950
Release 2008-04-15
Pages 240
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Take the 30-Days to Live Challenge! What if you only had one month to live? How would you make each day meaningful? How would you relate to others differently? What would you do to make the rest of your life really matter? With eye-opening insights and soul-inspiring truths, One Month to Live will challenge you to embrace the life God has entrusted to you and you alone, and to live it out moment by moment with wholehearted authenticity, honesty, and integrity. Each chapter overflows with inspiring quotations, colorful true stories, and questions for reflection. The four sections, which can be read over four weeks, help you examine the core areas inside you that long to be exercised and expressed: how you’re made to live passionately, love boldly, learn from your mistakes, and leave a legacy that endures for generations after you’re gone. Complete with uplifting action points, each of the thirty chapters– one per day in a life-changing month–offers you fresh strategies for overcoming habits that mire you in mediocrity. Open yourself to the challenge of embracing your mortality and being empowered to live each day engaged in being fully alive. From the Hardcover edition.

Discovering Jesus

Discovering Jesus Author William Barclay
ISBN-10 0664221920
Release 2000-02-01
Pages 96
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Barclay takes readers through key events in Jesus' life through straightforward language, accompanied by maps, charts, tables, checklists, and quizzes. Full-color illustrations.

Jesus Is Alive

Jesus Is Alive Author Josh McDowell
ISBN-10 0830747869
Release 2009-02-02
Pages 128
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Kids want to see the evidence for themselves! In a kid-friendly Q&A about at the claims of the Gospel writers and 2,000 years of believing Christians, bestselling author Josh McDowell and his son Sean examine the compelling evidence and conclude that Jesus Christ conquered deat! In clear, accessible chapters that correspond to the adult and teen editions of the book, Josh and Sean invite children ages 7 to 10 to discover the proof of Christ's resurrection and what it means for them today.

Come Lord Jesus

Come  Lord Jesus Author Mother Mary Francis
ISBN-10 9781586174804
Release 2010
Pages 222
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These Advent reflections by the abbess of a Poor Clare monastery and accomplished spiritual writer focus our attention on the coming of Jesus into our lives. There is a double movement to this coming: our active preparation to be ready for him, on one hand, and our patient waiting for the Lord to arrive in his own good time, on the other. There is an art to this simultaneous preparing and waiting, and who knows better than the late and beloved Mother Mary Francis how to encourage us in our attempts to master this art. The joyful yet challenging teaching that we have come to expect from Mother Mary Francis is on display in these Advent conferences written for her spiritual daughters at the Poor Clare Monastery of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Meditating on passages from Scripture about the coming of the Messiah into both our world and our hearts, Mother challenges us to persevere in overcoming our faults, while keeping our eyes on the Lord who has called us to himself, for it is he who, through the gifts of his grace, will complete in us the work of sanctification which he has begun. Although written for Advent, the wisdom of Mother Mary Francis collected by her sisters for this volume is profitable at any time, because a Christian life is one of constant growth into the very likeness of God.

Why I Left the Church Why I Came Back and Why I Just Might Leave Again Memories of Growing Up African American and Catholic

Why I Left the Church  Why I Came Back  and Why I Just Might Leave Again  Memories of Growing Up African American and Catholic Author Jean K. Douglas
ISBN-10 9780978963507
Release 2006
Pages 164
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The 1960s-1980s were turbulent decades for the Catholic Church as it struggled to navigate the waters of racial injustice and the women's movement. Douglas reviews parochial teachings on race relations, integration, and gender roles, revealing the conflicts faced by a black girl trying to come to terms with her faith.

But We See Jesus

But We See Jesus Author Stephen Kaung
ISBN-10 9781937713126
Release 2015-07-03
Pages 399
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Christianity is Jesus Christ. It is not the teaching, doctrine, system or organization of Christ. Rather, it is Jesus Christ himself. We need to see Him as God sees Him. Yet this can only come about by revelation from above. The Holy Spirit will reveal Jesus to us. And when we do see Him as God sees Him, we will fall down and worship. Such, then, is the intent of this series of messages, whose overarching theme is best summed up in the author’s choice of title to the entire series: “But We See Jesus” (Hebrews 2:9a). All nineteen messages were delivered by the author before a Christian audience in Richmond, Virginia over a three-year period, commencing in the year 1992. May God use this volume to inspire His people to see the Savior and Lord we have so that we may truly worship Him with all our hearts and love Him with all our heart, mind, will and strength. Jesus alone is worthy!

The Healing Hands of Jesus

The Healing Hands of Jesus Author Betty Cooper
ISBN-10 9781434984845
Release 2011-05-02
Pages 58
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The Healing Hands of Jesus has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Healing Hands of Jesus also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Healing Hands of Jesus book for free.

Glorious Expressions

Glorious Expressions Author Tara McAdoo
ISBN-10 9781602663435
Release 2007-08-01
Pages 108
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"Glorious Expressions" provides spiritual insight and encouragement for believers as well as non-believers. The passages before each poem and the included Scripture can help readers understand the significance of the poem and how it relates to the word of God. (Christian)

Jesus Dead or Alive

Jesus  Dead or Alive Author Josh McDowell
ISBN-10 9781441224187
Release 2009-02-02
Pages 128
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Skeptical teens are the beating heart of Josh McDowell Ministires, and in this specially designed resource for youth, bestselling author Josh McDowell and his son, Sean, look at the claims of the Gospel writers and examine the compelling evidence for Jesus Christ's resurrection. Writing in a language that will resonate with 21st-century youth and in chapters that correspond to the adult and children's editions of the book, Josh and Sean invite skeptical teens to discover the proof of Christ's resurrection and what it means for them today.

The Zebedee Boy

The Zebedee Boy Author Chris Colverson
ISBN-10 9780954701635
Release 2005-08-01
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THE ZEBEDEE BOY is a fictional memoir of "the beloved disciple". John Zebedee, fisherman of Galilee and follower of Jesus of Nazareth, writes 12 years after the crucifixion, preserving his memories for the early Church. In his collection of personal anecdotes and character portraits, he sets out to explain what the new word "Christian" means.Recalling the time when he was the youngest of the Twelve and known simply as "the Zebedee Boy", John draws on his intimacy with Jesus to paint a living picture of him and speaks authoritatively of his relationships with Mary, the Baptist, Peter, Judas Iscariot and Mary Magdalene. Here, too, are definitive explanations for the fateful decisions made by high priest Caiaphas, Herod Antipas and Pontius Pilate.From the Baptism of Jesus to the Day of Pentecost, the Evangelist reveals his understanding of the spiritual events that are the basis of Christian belief and practice, leading to the inevitable conclusion that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and Saviour of mankind. On every page John takes us to the heart of his faith. His testimony, a celebration of the Christian concept of Love, will have a cross-denominational and inter-faith appeal.

Jesus Is Lord

Jesus Is Lord Author Jeff York
ISBN-10 9781613796962
Release 2011-07-01
Pages 172
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This is a true life autobiography and teaching manual of a ministry so powerfull it's fulfilled at least one prophecy in the book of Revelation.Warning: this is a very intense book. It contains actual life and death stories with spiritual battles so big that all three arc angels were involved at various times. Sometimes massive physical manifestations occured.History was made and will continue to be made by this ministry. Answeres to prayer small or on a biblical scale was and is commonplace. This book shows how it's done. All glory and honor be to God. Amen

My Personal Walk and Talk with Jesus

My Personal Walk and Talk with Jesus Author Lee Hoffman
ISBN-10 9781449711368
Release 2011-03-08
Pages 208
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In My Personal Walk and Talk with Jesus, Lee Hoffman tells of his trip with Jesus—how he got there, all about their time spent together, and how he got back. Jesus said, “I never took anyone up to paradise this way and will never again.” Read it carefully, and you will know the great difference and very personal way of going to paradise with Jesus and Hoffman. This was not an accident; the journey happened with a personal tour guide and was planned by the Lord Jesus himself. What a thrill and a wonderful experience! Hoffman tells of feeling very fortunate and privileged to be a servant of the Most High. As you read it, believe it is really happening to you. Read what your wonderful Jesus has already done for others and is more than willing to do for you, since he himself said, “I am no respecter of any person. What I have done for others I will do for you.”

Promises of Comfort from GOD S WORD

Promises of Comfort from GOD S WORD Author Baker Publishing Group
ISBN-10 9780801072468
Release 2010-02-01
Pages 173
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When people struggle with job loss, a sick parent, or a child who won't behave, where can they go for words of comfort, encouragement, and healing? Scripture has always provided believers with words and guidance to help us through the valleys of life. But sometimes it's hard to find those verses when we really need them. Promises of Comfort from GOD'S WORD is a collection of Scripture verses that speak words of consolation and reassurance to hurting souls. This affordable, pocket-sized book of comforting passages from Scripture features the clear, natural English text of GOD'S WORD Translation.

Justin s Jesus

Justin s Jesus Author Mary Swick
ISBN-10 9781449736156
Release 2012-01-10
Pages 124
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Our son, Justin Ryker Swick, went to be with the angels just shy of three months old, due to SIDS. This is our story of how such a tragic event strengthened our faith in Jesus Christ, put peace in our hearts, and hope for a better tomorrow. Through the stories our oldest son Riley, told us about seeing angels and his encounter with Jesus the night that Justin went to Heaven, we have been able to find joy in our every day lives.