Ever Yours in Truth

Ever Yours in Truth Author Nome
ISBN-10 9780981940960
Release 2015-02-21
Pages 518
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Covering a time span of 40 years, Ever Yours in Truth is a spiritual treasure in the form of personal correspondence between Nome and other sages and seekers sharing their experience. With few exceptions, almost all of the correspondence presented was written in response to letters written to Nome. Included with the early correspondence are a few verses composed at the time, but for whom they were written and in what context cannot now be ascertained. The correspondence has been generally presented as written by the various writers to better retain the feeling of the original with only some minor editing to delete comments pertaining to some practical matters and to render some of the messages received more intelligible. Some of the correspondence is a sharing of and reveling in Brahman-Knowledge, while some is correspondence with Nome in which seekers pose various questions regarding their practice of Self-Inquiry and how to apply this practice to their lives.

Yours in Truth

Yours in Truth Author Jeff Himmelman
ISBN-10 9780679603641
Release 2012-05-08
Pages 512
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An intimate profile of the legendary Washington Post editor whose life and career encompassed Watergate, the Pentagon Papers, and the Kennedys—soon to be portrayed by Tom Hanks in the Steven Spielberg film The Post “A fairly complete and rare portrait of this last of the lion-king newspaper editors.”—The New York Times Book Review Ben Bradlee was a fixture on the American scene for nearly half a century—a close friend to John F. Kennedy; the center of D.C. social life; and a crusty, charismatic editor whose decisions at the helm of the Post during Watergate changed the course of history. Granted unprecedented access to Bradlee and his colleagues, friends, and private files, Jeff Himmelman draws on never-before-seen internal Post memos, correspondence, personal photographs, and private interviews to trace the full arc of Bradlee’s forty-five-year career—from his early days as a press attaché in postwar Paris through the Pentagon Papers, Richard Nixon’s resignation, the Janet Cooke fabrication scandal, and beyond. Along the way, Himmelman also unearths a series of surprises—about Watergate, and about Bradlee’s private relationships with Post owner Katharine Graham, reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, and President Kennedy and his wife, Jackie. “Don’t feel that you have to protect me,” Bradlee told Himmelman whenever the reporting started to strike close to home. “Follow your nose.” Those instructions, familiar to any Post reporter, have resulted in this thoughtfully constructed and beautifully written account of a magnetic man whose career has come to define the golden age of newspapers in America, when the press battled for its freedom—and won. Praise for Yours in Truth “The absolute best nonfiction book of the year . . . a work of journalistic art . . . history straight and true . . . should be required reading at the Columbia School of Journalism.”—Chicago Tribune “The best Bradlee biography we’re likely to get.”—The New York Times Book Review “Surprising and compulsively readable . . . Himmelman’s chapters on Watergate are especially masterful, untangling that web in a fresh and comprehensible way.”—Minneapolis Star Tribune “A sparkling, revealing, definitely controversial, and very readable book . . . highly amusing, particularly for any connoisseur of juicy modern American politics.”—Pittsburgh Post-Gazette “The bold brilliance of Jeff Himmelman’s Yours in Truth comes through because it is not simply a biography of a quixotic figure who changed the timbre of American newspapers. Rather, it is also a riveting history lesson with fastidiously researched facts intertwined with first-person observations.”—Charleston Post and Courier “Embedded in Yours in Truth there are fundamental insights about journalism and the role of a dynamic press.”—The Atlantic “The biographer either sells his soul for the cozy dinners or bails for the truth. Himmelman chose the latter.”—The Huffington Post “[A] riveting new life of one of America’s greatest editors.”—The Daily Beast

True North The Shocking Truth About Yours Mine and Ours

True North   The Shocking Truth About  Yours  Mine and Ours Author Tom North
ISBN-10 9780985807108
Release 2013-07-15
Pages 356
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Tom North is one of the eight North children, who together with the ten Beardsley children, became the family which was featured in the 1968 film, “Yours, Mine and Ours” starring Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda, and again in the 2005 version starring Rene Russo and Dennis Quaid. The book begins in the 1950s on Whidbey Island, Washington, where Tom’s mother, Helen North, became a widow when she was just 30 years old and pregnant with her eighth child. Tom was six years old, the fourth child in the North family. Not long after, Helen North met and married Frank Beardsley, a man with ten children, and she moved her family to his house in Carmel, California. The North children were adopted and their names were changed to Beardsley. But, it wasn’t one big happy family as the movie depicted. The stepfather’s violence and abuse created a life of intimidation, confusion, turmoil, fear and depression for the North children. All hope seemed lost as Tom realized that he was caught in a prison and there was no way out. When he finally left home, he traveled on a journey of survival, self-discovery, and healing. Years later, Tom miraculously led his family to counseling sessions where shocking truths were revealed. He then came full circle as he reclaimed his father’s name and was finally, True North. Tom explains: “My mission is to reach out to people who feel isolated, or misunderstood in the world and help them understand that they are not alone, and that their feelings may well be related to experiences they had in their early lives where they felt victimized by those who had greater power than they did. Those experiences may have caused great pain. I want people to understand they are not alone and that most everyone feels the same way. The more they experience their own divinity and essential nature, the more they will actually relate to humanity and see the beauty in the world, and not the pain.” TOM NORTH IS A FEATURED GUEST ON RADIO AND TELEVISION PROGRAMS, AND A KEYNOTE SPEAKER AT COLLEGES, UNIVERSITIES, PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS AND ORGANIZATIONS, AND BOOK SIGNING EVENTS. Sometimes entertaining and funny, sometimes serious, but always moving and inspiring, Tom North brings a fresh approach to a very serious problem. Your audience will gain: • a better understanding of their own behavior patterns that have resulted from their trauma. • a new feeling of hope. • a realization that they are not alone and that many people feel the same way. • a new inspiration to discover their own divinity, their true essential nature, and their connectedness to humanity and all life. • an understanding of how and why their connection to humanity is a necessary key to their happiness and fulfillment.

Truthfully Yours

Truthfully  Yours Author R. G. Myers
ISBN-10 9781469766997
Release 2012-02
Pages 440
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This story takes place in Germany at the beginning of World War II where a young man, Hans F. Schweitzer discovers the true meaning of forgiveness. There he is drafted into Hitler's Youth only to fi nd himself in officer's school becoming a young Commander of a slave camp. He falls in love with Sasha Rebonwitz during his training in Berlin only to discover that she and her family are bound to one of the camps. Hans is torn from his brief meeting with Sasha only to think that he will not see her again during the war. They face great separation from an forbidden love they are willing to risk only to find that faith and prayer do bring them together, again. It is a story about forgiveness, love, bravery and great faith in which each lesson is found in all of us.

The Remorseful Day

The Remorseful Day Author Colin Dexter
ISBN-10 9780330468794
Release 2009-08-21
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'Where does this all leave us, sir?' 'Things are moving fast.' 'We're getting near the end, you mean?' 'We were always near the end.' The murder of Yvonne Harrison had left Thames Valley CID baffled. A year after the dreadful crime they are still no nearer to making an arrest. But one man has yet to tackle the case - and it is just the sort of puzzle at which Chief Inspector Morse excels. So why is he adamant that he will not lead the re-investigation, despite the entreaties of Chief Superintendent Strange and dark hints of some new evidence? And why, if he refuses to take on the case officially, does he seem to be carrying out his own private enquiries? For Sergeant Lewis this is yet another example of the unsettling behaviour his chief has been displaying of late . . .

Intelligence and Strategy

Intelligence and Strategy Author John Ferris
ISBN-10 9781134233342
Release 2007-05-07
Pages 408
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John Ferris' work in strategic and intelligence history is widely praised for its originality and the breadth of its research. At last his major pioneering articles are now available in this one single volume. In Intelligence and Strategy these essential articles have been fundamentally revised to incorporate new evidence and information withheld by governments when they were first published. This volume reshapes the study of communications intelligence by tracing Britain's development of cipher machines providing the context to Ultra and Enigma, and by explaining how British and German signals intelligence shaped the desert war. The author also explains how intelligence affected British strategy and diplomacy from 1874 to 1940 and world diplomacy during the 1930s and the Second World War. Finally he traces the roots for contemporary intelligence, and analyzes intelligence and the RMA as well as the role of intelligence in the 2003 Gulf War. This volume ultimately brings new light to our understanding of the relations between intelligence, strategy and diplomacy between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 21st century.

Learning to Listen Learning to Care

Learning to Listen  Learning to Care Author Lawrence E. Shapiro
ISBN-10 9781572245983
Release 2008
Pages 124
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A workbook with forty activities designed to help children learn self-control and empathy.

The Richard Messages

The Richard Messages Author James Reid
ISBN-10 9781291631036
Release 2013-12-15
Pages 314
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These messages come from Richard and other beautiful beings who are spirits living in the Celestial Realms. This communication is the beginning of an ongoing dialogue in which the Celestial Spirits provide us with loving and gentle guidance for living in this world, for accessing Divine Love and for developing our personal relationship with God.

Respectfully Yours

Respectfully Yours Author Marja Meijers
ISBN-10 9781598865820
Release 2007-01
Pages 125
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Respectfully Yours is the second book in a series about the Ten Commandments in the 21st century. Based on the commandment to honor our parents, it deals with a much broader aspect of family life: the mutual respect between God, parents and children. The letter of the Old Testament bursts into life as author Marja Meijers explains the new way of the Spirit. Using the same step-by-step method as in her first book, Sacred Sabbath, Meijers takes biblical truths and guidelines and unfolds them into practical tools that can be used to renew, restore or strengthen family relationships. Respectfully Yours is not just a short and easy-to-understand study-it is a thought provoking page turner that will transform your view of the parent-child relationship!

The Chronological History of the Roanoke Missionary Baptist Association and its Founders from 1866 1966

The Chronological History of the Roanoke Missionary Baptist Association and its Founders from 1866 1966 Author DR. LINWOOD MORINGS BOONE. D. MIN.
ISBN-10 9781463421960
Release 2012-03-06
Pages 256
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The author has wonderfully traced the orgins of the Roanoke Missionary Baptist Associations and its Founders from 1866 to 1966. He has included brief but substative narratives of the lives of the Founding Fathers namely: L. W. Boone, Z. H. Berry, H. H. Hays, C. E.Hodges, C. E. Johnson, William Reid, Emanuel Reynolds and others. Sufficient attention has been given to the activities of the Women Missionary and Education Union. Pictures and narratives of 10 of its previous presidents has been enshirned in the chapter entitled, "Woman, What of our Past." Historical sketches and pictures of selected churches within the Roanoke Missionary Baptist Association displays the far reaching effects of the Founding Fathers. The concluding chapter details the founding of the West Raonoke Missionary Baptist Association from the Roanoke Missionary Baptist Association. Dr. Boone has taken the Bataan from others who knew that this important historical contribution needed to be gathered, appreciated, shared and celebrated for a job well done. Unfortunately, no one was able to consistently pursue this great endeavor before Dr. Boone’s extensive and exhaustive work represented here. Massive in its scope the volume guides the reader in a comprehensive and challenging look at the origin and the significance of the Roanoke Missionary Baptist Association and the importance of the Founding Fathers and the work with the North Carolina and Virginia abolitionist. The lives of the Founding Fathers and the lives of the first three generations of pastors and officials are succinctly presented as they lifted up the esssential meaning of liberation for the pastor and the local congregations in northeastern North Carolina. The History of the Roanoke Missionary Baptist Association from 1866-1966 provides critical resources for the study of the formation of this grand institution. Dr. Boone has put in place a solid foundation that can be built upon as new information becomes available. He is married to the former Amanda Battle of Richmond, VA. They reside in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

The Simple Truth

The Simple Truth Author Ed Smith
ISBN-10 9780595399413
Release 2006-06
Pages 96
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Do you really and truly believe that you or any other human being can remain absolutely committed to another for the rest of their lives when they couldn't remain committed to themselves and I am not necessarily talking about infidelity. Go to the mirror and fully scrutinize yourself. Do you see any extra pounds you may have put on because you couldn't remain committed enough to yourself to put down that extra piece of cake. Do you recall lying to yourself about quitting smoking. What about that exercise regime that you lied to yourself about. The first and most important thing in life is to realize and recognize the fact that we are humans first and live within that knowledge and do the very best we can. Each partner must come to know that we are all human and will therefore do humanely things. We must therefore respect some of the weaknesses of our partner.

Yours Faithfully Bertrand Russell

Yours Faithfully  Bertrand Russell Author Bertrand Russell
ISBN-10 0812694503
Release 2002
Pages 433
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A collection of four hundred letters by the great twentieth-century philosopher covers a wide range of topics, including war, peace, sexual ethics, and religion. Simultaneous.

Der Taubentunnel

Der Taubentunnel Author John le Carré
ISBN-10 9783843713429
Release 2016-09-09
Pages 384
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Die Memoiren eines Jahrhundertautors Was macht das Leben eines Schriftstellers aus? Mit dem Welterfolg Der Spion, der aus der Kälte kam gab es für John le Carré keinen Weg zurück. Er kündigte seine Stelle im diplomatischen Dienst, reiste zu Recherchezwecken um den halben Erdball – Afrika, Russland, Israel, USA, Deutschland –, traf die Mächtigen aus Politik- und Zeitgeschehen und ihre heimlichen Handlanger. John le Carré ist bis heute ein exzellenter und unabhängiger Beobachter, mit untrüglichem Gespür für Macht und Verrat. Aber auch für die komischen Seiten des weltpolitischen Spiels. In seinen Memoiren blickt er zurück auf sein Leben und sein Schreiben. »Mitreißend, unterhaltsam und spannend wie einen Thriller erzählt le Carré in Der Taubentunnel sein Leben.« Buchjournal „Le Carré ist ein so lebenskluges Buch gelungen, dass man seine zahlreichen Aphorismen am liebsten auswendig lernen möchte.“ Frank Herold, Berliner Zeitung Zu unserer Autorenseite: www.ullstein.de/lecarre

This Splendid World of Yours

This Splendid World of Yours Author Ram Varma
ISBN-10 9780595168873
Release 2001-04-24
Pages 231
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The author has more than twenty-one years of experience in meditation and self-empowerment techniques. For the past seven years, he has been actively involved in teaching and conducting self-empowerment and meditation related seminars in Canada. Since many people have benefited tremendously from these courses, he is now inspired to present This Splendid World of Yours. The purpose of this book is to awaken and enrich the growing human consciousness. To the individual who decides to practice the self-empowering techniques as contained within this book, an unlimited gush of energy will soar within and thus free him/her from the internal blocks such as fear, anger and hatred that obstructs the free flow of energy. It will also help an individual in cultivating the enriching qualities such as acceptance, openness and positivism. This book is fully equipped to enhance an individual become a peak performer by utilizing the tools provided in this book. It will further allow living in the moment, enjoying the magic of unconditional love and becoming an unbiased observer. Beautiful openers such as peace, love, joy, understanding, self-confidence and freedom will reactivate the profound enrichment that is currently lying dormant within us.

Words of Truth

Words of Truth Author Cristal Taylor
ISBN-10 9780578146355
Release 2014-07-08
Pages 58
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Words of Truth is the second published book to be placed in the eyes of the public. Words of Truth will keep you interested with every page turn. It will show a relationship between God and his child to growing her into womanhood. This book will up lift where you have been torn down. Words of Truth speaks life, love, victory, and searching for true peace.

I Am the Centre of the Universe and So Are You

I Am the Centre of the Universe  and So Are You Author Lorne Groulx
ISBN-10 9781462859313
Release 2011-04-20
Pages 104
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I am the centre of the universe. I create my universe with my thoughts emotions and my faith . You are the centre of your universe and you create your universe with your thoughts emotions and your faith. Each of the infinite number of universe that exist are create with thought . The emotions are guides to the universe that you create . Your faith is the truth of your universe. With these tools you can create anything you can imagine . You have the universe at your command and you create the universe you want . Your thought is the controlling force of your universe and you can move through your universe using your thought . Time distance dose not exist in the universe you can travel to any where and any when within your universe . This is done at the speed of thought and thought has an infinite speed . You can travel to your past future present at the speed of thought . You only have to have a guide of emotion and using your thought you are there . This book is a guide to travel within your universe and how to create it using your thought and emotions and believe. I am sharing this thought with you to expand my universe and yours so we all become aware of our own individual universes. This is how you can achieve anything do anything be anything . The is no limitation to what you can create within your universe . There is no limit to what you can think into existence within your universe. Your universe is yours and you create what ever you think of for your universe. All you have to do is think feel and believe and then you can create. You are holding the guide for your universe in your hand . Use it wisely and you will find peace , prosperity and light if that is what you want. You may also find poverty conflict and darkness if that is what you choose . The choice is yours you have the key and you create whatever you want . The thought is yours to think . I cannot think for you as you can not think for me . I can only share my thoughts with you . You choose what you find helpful and the rest is for another universe to choose. I hope you enjoy exploring your universe as much as I have enjoyed exploring mine.

The Truth Which Sets Free

The Truth Which Sets Free Author Peter Dunstan
ISBN-10 9781553697978
Release 2002
Pages 320
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"He who has ears let him hear." Jesus said those words many times. What did he mean? He also declared, "The truth will set you free." Which truth? Free from what? This book will tell you in no uncertain terms, a message to be stapled on the world's bulletin board for any who pass by, and in particular for those who have the "right ears." It is a thorough explanation of the astonishing freedom won by Christ for his elect and the devastating implications this has for all world religion and philosophy, especially Christianity. It will shatter the myths underpinning many long cherished beliefs and rock the Church to its foundations. Along with many other surprises you will discover that the word "church" is not even in the Bible! This investigation covers most aspects of the Church with special reference to its origin in early times: fathers, councils, creeds, buildings, names and titles, saints, priesthood and clergy, celibacy, ordination, confirmation, sacraments, tithes, sabbaths, festivals, gospels and media, assurance, second-coming and ecumenical beliefs. All these are weighed against Scripture, namely the teachings of Christ, the apostles and prophets, and found to be either non-existent, obsolete, not the same thing or quite the opposite! However, these concepts did not materialize from nothing; all came from someone, somewhere. The revelation of each source will be quite a shock for readers who thought they had a handle on the facts. Well-documented and researched but written in dynamic style, this presentation is often moving and alarming. This is the truth which sets free.