Second Skins

Second Skins Author Jay Prosser
ISBN-10 0231109350
ISBN-13 9780231109352
Year 1998-04-15
Pages 288
Language English
Publisher Columbia University Press
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Do we need bodies for sex Is gender in the head or in the body In Second Skins Jay Prosser reveals the powerful drive that leads men and women literally to shed their skins and in flesh and head to cross the boundary of sex Telling their story is not merely an act that comes after the fact it s a force of its own that makes it impossible to forget that stories of identity inhabit autobiographical bodies In this stunning first extensive study of transsexual autobiography Jay Prosser examines the exchanges between body and narrative that constitute the phenomenon of transsexuality Showing how transsexuality s somatic transitions are spurred and enabled by the formal transitions of narrative Prosser uncovers a narrative tradition for transsexual bodies Sex change is a plot and thus appropriately transsexuals make for adept and absorbing authors In reading the transssexual plot through transsexuals own recounting Prosser not only gives us a new and more accurate rendition of transsexuality His book suggests transsexuality with itsextraordinary conjunctions of body and narrative as an identity story that transitions across the body language divide that currently stalls poststucturalist thought The form and approach of Second Skins works to cross other important and parallel divides In addition to analyzing transsexual textual accounts the book includes some 30 photographic portraits of transsexuals poignant attempts by transsexuals to present themselves unmediated to the world except by the camera And the author does not shy from exposure himself Interjecting the personal into his theoretical discussion and close textual work throughout the book Prosser reads and writes his own body his purpose in that stylistic crossing to stake out transsexuality and hence this very book as his own body s narrative

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