The Garden Journal, Planner and Log Book: Repeat successes & learn from mistakes with complete personal garden records. 28 adaptable year-round forms, … (The Garden Journal Log Books) (Volume 1)

The Garden Journal, Planner and Log Book: Repeat successes & learn from mistakes with complete personal garden records. 28 adaptable year-round forms, ... (The Garden Journal Log Books) (Volume 1) Author Joy L. Kieffer
ISBN-10 0692573984
ISBN-13 9780692573983
Year 2015-11-28
Pages 250
Language English
Publisher Hidden Cache Media
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The Garden Journal Planner Log Book featured at the Philadelphia Flower Show last year Designed for the gardener who wants to enjoy the benefits of gardening without the frustrations FOR THE COST OF ONE SIMPLE GARDEN TOOL you can OWN THE MOST VALUABLE GARDEN TOOL OF ALL one that will save you money and help you learn from experience Even more valuable than your favorite garden trowel or spade is a written record of what works in your garden WHILE GARDENING BOOKS APPS AND THE INTERNET ARE FULL OF GREAT ADVICE THEY CAN T REPLACE PERSONAL EXPERIENCE Your garden is in your micro climate with your soil Perennials in one part of the country aren t perennials in another There are simply too many plants and too many variables for anyone to remember from year to year what worked where and what didn t and why You need to remember WHAT WORKS FOR YOU IN YOUR GARDEN Every gardener faces repeat attacks of pests or disease and needs to remember which treatment worked and which did more harm than good Every gardener has weeded out emerging perennials forgetting what they planted where Every gardener needs a memory Please STOP here and consider your needs If you want options in your methods of recording this is the journal for you If you want a simpler garden journal please click on the author s name and check out the smaller version entitled The Garden Diary Journal Log Book It has the same charts and helpful recommendations but only three basic forms to fill out This book has twenty eight forms by comparison While you don t have to use all the forms having them available will give you the knowledge needed to become the best gardener possible See the description below THE GARDEN JOURNAL PLANNER LOG BOOK is a book of garden forms with the flexibility needed to personalize your style of record keeping With this one book you can track your purchases from store to harvest to propagation What really makes the difference between a great and a mediocre garden is how well the gardener keeps track of all the information needed to enhance success and avoid repeated failures GARDENING IS AN ART BUT IT S ALSO A SCIENCE THE GARDEN JOURNAL PLANNER LOG BOOK is designed to make record keeping simple and easy Every form is designed to include all the pertinent information needed while minimizing the amount of time required to record that information Use as many or as few forms as you desire Individual plant pages with over fifty possible check boxes for each plant plus space for additional info photos drawings seed packets or tags Logs for annuals biennials and perennials with code location and date planted Logs for weather formulas recipes pests and diseases cultivation and propagation bloom and harvest times flowers bulbs fruit vegetables herbs vines shrubs trees wildlife sightings andhardscaping Prune trim and tidy logs with guidelines Planning pages for up to four years Draw out garden plots for twenty beds on graph paper with notes on the pages opposite Purchase record logs Supplier contact list Keep a diary for all the things you simply must write out using sentences or drawings because as much as gardening is a science it is an art above all YOUR GARDEN WILL LOOK LIKE ART but you will know thatTHE GARDEN JOURNAL PLANNER LOG BOOKis the science behind your success

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